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"Would You Survive Joe Goldberg's Glass Box?" And 12 Other Important "You" Quizzes

Put on your sneaky blue cap and hunker down ahead of Season 3!

1. "Would You Survive Joe Goldberg's Glass Box or Not?"

2. "Can You Tell the Difference Between Joe Goldberg and Dan Humphrey?"

3. "Could You Survive Being Stalked by Joe From 'You'?"

4. "Are You More Guinevere Beck or Love Quinn From 'You'?"

5. "Which Character on 'You' Season 2 Are You?"

6. "Everyone's Personality Is a Combo of Two 'You' Characters: What's Yours?"

7. "Everyone Is a Combo of a Character From 'You' and 'Harry Potter' — Which One Are You?"

8. "Which 'You' Leading Lady Are You Most Like?"

9. "This Quiz Will Determine Which Supporting Character From 'You' Matches Your Personality"

10. "The 'You' Season 2 Characters You Choose Will Determine if You're Peach, Paco, or Beck"

11. "If Joe Goldberg Met You, What Would He Think of You?"

12. "We Know if You're More Like Love or Forty From 'You' With Just 6 Questions"

13. "Can You Make It Through Dating Joe Goldberg?"