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    29 Insanely Cool Ear Piercing Ideas That'll Have You Rolling Up To Claire's ASAP

    The ear upgrade you never knew you needed.

    1. Tragus + Double Flat / Via Identity Body Piercing

    The tragus is that little inner ear flap. Tragus piercings take about 3-9 months to heal and rate pretty average on the pain tolerance scale.

    2. Quadruple Piercing + Daith / Via J. Colby Smith

    3. The Double Piercing

    Gestalt makes cool, minimalist earring designs specifically for those with double piercings.

    4. The Daith Hoop

    5. The Daith Hoop + Forward Helix

    6. Opal and Gold Multi-Piercing / Via Yumono Design

    7. Semi-Dangly Earrings Combo / Via J Colby Smith

    That SOMEHOW still manages to feel not too busy.

    8. The Inner and Outer Conch

    9. The Double Helix + Lobe / Via Nine Moons Piercing

    10. The Tragus + Triple Lobe

    11. The Tragus + Quadruple Lobe

    12. The Tiny Flat

    13. Behind the Ear

    14. The Helix + Forward Helix

    The forward helix refers to the upper juncture where the ear meets the head. These piercings require 3 to 9 months to heal and aren't very painful, but can become easily irritated if you have long hair that could catch in the hardware.

    [source: Wicked Body Jewelz]

    15. The Triple Forward Helix

    16. The Double Helix + Triple Forward Helix + Double Lobe Piercing

    17. The Daith + Helix

    18. The Conch Wrap-Around

    A chain can be a way more comfortable option than a hoop.

    19. The Low Helix + Rook

    20. The Forward Helix + Anti-Tragus

    The anti-tragus is part of the inner but lower cartilage of the ear right above the lobe.

    21. The Auricle Piercing

    The auricle refers to the outer middle part of the ear.

    22. The Rook + Tragus Piercing

    Rook piercings are not too painful initially, and they take an average of six months to heal.

    [source: Wicked Body Jewelz]

    23. The Helix/Scapha Piercing

    24. The Snug

    These take around 3-9 months to heal. It can be a painful piercing, depending on how thick the cartilage is in the area.

    [source: Wicked Body Jewelz]

    25. The Conch

    26. Graduated Lobe Piercings

    27. Rook + Tragus + Snug

    28. Tiny Double Lobe