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35 Mind-Bogglingly Complicated Braids That Are A Feat Of Human Ingenuity

They might even require a degree in MATH.

6. Are you an artist?

7. Like the kind that shows in galleries or whatever?

8. Because I think this could be considered art.

9. Like, I would pay money to go see an exhibit of exquisite braids at MOMA.

10. Do you have 800 fingers?

11. I mean, seriously.


13. You must have the patience of a thousand Dalai Lamas.

14. The world's most talented spider could not weave a web this intricate.

15. This is an amazing feat of hair.

16. Like, a giant leap for hairkind.

17. What is this 3D technology witchcraft?

18. You must have hired an engineer (or 12).

19. Was this made on a Rainbow Loom??

20. Or did an architect have to draw up blueprints??

21. Because, I mean, look at that structure.

22. Can I eat u?

23. Just stop.

24. This is too much.


26. Is this an MC Escher design?

27. Obviously this is the work of God.

28. And this is the stairway to heaven.

29. Or the staircase to hell?

Hell, if the 9th circle is a really difficult hairstyle you have to keep undoing and redoing and you never get it right.

30. Finally, I've found the ladder of success.


32. Oh, braids.

33. You're impossible.

Alexander McQueen /

34. Perhaps one day I can know all of your intricacies and inner workings.

35. OK nevermind, I quit. Bye.

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