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    People Are Sharing Their Lazy Hairstyling Hacks On TikTok And Here Are Some Of The Cutest Ones

    It's time to cue some 🎵Roxanne 🎵and try some new hairstyles in front of the mirror.

    Note to readers: BuzzFeed has not tested out these hacks, so we can't confirm that they all work.

    1. For a full-looking, sleek braid-wrapped bun, use a donut bun maker ($6.79 from Amazon for a set of 3), spread your ponytail out over it, and use the remaining hair as a braid wrap.


    Curious on how I do the braid around my bun? Keep watching! 😍 #foryou #fyp #hairstyleswithmel #4u

    ♬ On a Roll - Ashley O

    OK that was hard to explain, but you really need to just watch the video to get it.

    2. When using a curling wand, always hold it right side up, not upside down, and don't let the ends touch the hot part.

    For beachy waves, you want straight, not curled ends.

    3. To get a super full-looking, bouncy ponytail a lá Ariana, make two ponytails and knot them together.


    Isn’t this trick so real! Fake Bouncy pony tail! #hairstyletutorial

    ♬ WOAH - Krypto9095

    Again, it's hard to explain, so just watch the video!

    4. Use your boyfriend's beard balm if you want to do a no-heat wavy hairstyle in a pinch.


    Stealing my boyfriends products! Watch me make bombshell beach waves w my his beard balm! satisfying #naturalhair hairgoals curlmagic makeover

    ♬ Fantasy (feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard) - Mariah Carey

    5. This is the "definitive" VSCO girl hair bun, in case you were wondering what the official stance was.

    It involves a "fanning out" of the bun and a scrunchie, of course.

    6. For a variation on the half-up ponytail, make four little knots instead.


    How’s this!! Real life hairstyles with real life messy hair 😉#messyhair #hairstyletutorial

    ♬ Original Sound - Unknown

    Here's a little preview of the finished look.

    7. You can also tuck the little knots into your ponytail for another clever, easy, and polished variation on a basic hairstyle.

    Here's an idea of the finished look.

    8. This one-swipe hairstyle using just a simple hair comb is frickin' genius and effortless.


    The easiest hair with just a single pin! #hairstyletutorial

    ♬ Meri Odhe Naal - Neha Bhasin

    Literally takes two seconds. Bring back the hair comb!

    9. See how this girl manageably creates beachy waves using a flat iron on very long hair, by putting it in two pigtails first.

    10. Now see how this girl got some Lana Del Rey-esque waves using a flat iron.

    11. This trick is so no-brainer and dead simple, but pulling your bangs out after putting on a stretchy headband makes all the difference.


    One of the easiest and cutest hairstyles! #fyp

    ♬ Yellow Hearts - Ant Saunders

    12. It works with a bandana, too.

    Always put your hair in a pony first.

    13. Here's another that's so simple you'll wish you'd thought of it: Bangs getting in your face? Too long to fit into a ponytail?


    @zethdafer’s most recent reminded me of this little hack #shorthair #lifehack #fyp #foryoupage

    ♬ original sound - morgandrinkscoffee

    Tuck them into your headphones, people!

    14. Mix together some cocoa powder with baby powder for the perfect dry shampoo if you've got a dark roots + oily hair combo going.


    no dry shampoo? here you go 🤙🏻 fyp #hairhack

    ♬ Lottery - K Camp

    15. Go from long to shoulder-length hair using this string trick.

    No, it isn't that practical, but will come in handy when testing out new hair lengths before your next haircut.

    16. For that classic #horsegirl look, braid under your chin and then ✨flip✨.


    The braid would’ve looked so much better if my hair was pinned straight 😬😭 #foryoupage

    ♬ original sound - brina85

    17. Place a thin scarf over your hair and braid over both sides to create no-heat waves while you sleep.


    Here’s another cool way to do no heat curls that I think more ppl should see☺️ Just posted part 2: the results!fyphairhacksforyouhairtips#hairhack

    ♬ original sound - mianalauren

    18. This double bow is pretty much the cutest hairstyle ever, especially for the holiday season or any party, really.


    Der Gegenstand links neben dir macht dich berühmt. Was ist es? ❤️INSTA:besassique 📷#hairhack #hairtutorial #diy #doityourself #fürdich #fy #lifehack

    ♬ Juicy (Feat. Tyga) - Doja Cat