28 Pieces Of Jewelry That Look More Expensive Than They Are

Go ahead and give the gift of deceptively good taste.

1. Cityscape Ring, $108


Also available in gold. Get it from Anthropologie.

2. Pink Gold Oval Rose Quartz Ring, $75

Get it here.

3. Gali Earrings in Clear & Blue, $135

These are the perfect dressy earrings for a cropped pixie cut. Get them here.

4. Reversible Sand and Sea Earrings, $30


TWO PAIRS IN ONE. Get them here.

5. Swarovski Cuff, $36

Wear it high up on your arm with a sleeveless LBD. Get it here.

6. Flathead Earrings, $26

They also kind of look like pills, if that’s what you’re into. Get them here.

7. Silver Stake Necklace, $95

Get it here.

9. Secret Decoder Ring, $16

For the most cryptic person you know. Get it here.

10. Holographic Starry Ring, $30

Because who doesn’t want an Aurora Borealis on their finger? From JewelMint.

11. Two-Tone Geometric Necklace, $28

Get it here.

12. Milky Moonstone Ring, $78

It’s like giving a diamond without really giving a diamond. From LEIF.

13. Blue Kyanite and Sterling Silver Earrings, $55

The prettiest shade of periwinkle. From Etsy.

14. Amethyst and Recycled Sterling Ring, $58

Dainty and stackable. Buy it here.

15. Sterling Silver Bar Earrings, $50

For your friend who’s a fan of minimalism. Get them here.

16. Aurora Borealis Earrings, $58

These colors can only be described as Essence of Unicorn. Get them here.

17. Architectural Pendant, $30

Get it here.

18. London Blue Quartz Ring, $50

Big and bold for a very un-bold price. Get it here.

19. Herkimer Diamond Earrings, $60

They’re like, the rustic version of diamonds. Get them here.

20. Fauxpal and Sterling Stud Earrings, $30

Even more vivid than the real thing. Get them from Amazon.

21. White Agate Druzy Ring, $53

From Etsy.

22. The Akira Gold Diamond Necklace, $40

A geometric necklace that is equal parts modern and romantic. Get it here.

23. Gold Crystal Quartz Stud Earrings, $36

Get them here.

24. Tiny Pocket Knife Earrings, $39

To be unfurled at a moment’s notice. Get them here.

25. Pendulum Pendant Set, $38

Two elegant necklaces for the low price of $38. Get it here.

26. Initials Letterpress Necklace, $66

A sweet way to wear someone you love’s initials. Get it here.

27. Chevron Ring, $40

Plated in 24K gold, it looks like it’s FLOATING on your finger. Get it here.

28. Squareshine Necklace, $55

Daisy Buchanan, is that you? From Madewell.

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