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    Is This The Weirdest Possible Way To Eat McDonald's?

    What happens when you put a Big Mac, french fries, and Chicken McNuggets in a rice cooker? It's a take on a classic Japanese rice dish called Takikomi Gohan — and it looks delicious.

    Takikomi Gohan is sort of the Japanese version of the crock pot meal, where you throw everything together in one pot (in this case, a rice cooker) and it all blends into one melange-y casserole of a meal. Japanese news blog Nikkan-Spa wrote about interesting Takikomi Gohan experiments, one of which involves putting a Big Mac, French fries, Chicken McNuggets, and a Coke into a rice cooker.

    According to a rough translation of the Japanese site, this is what they think about McDonald's food: "Flabby, buns texture of potato nuggets and also there is no room for improvement is just the worst. This in the water." As far as the Big Mac goes, it is the taste of "the most evil."

    So they've decided to turn a bleak fast food meal into something distinctly Japanese. Here are the directions to properly make a McDonald's Takikomi Gohan.

    Put rice in the rice cooker. Throw the French fries on top and cover with water.

    Throw in the McNuggets and the Big Mac. Add a splash of Coca-Cola for flavor enhancement.

    Thirty minutes later when the rice is cooked

    Just stir and it's ready to eat!