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    Is This The Best Etsy Store Ever?

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the works of a true artist.

    A tank top with a Cheeto gradient.

    Authentic Cheeto dust. $55.

    Hot Dog Pen Holder

    Doritos Locos Tacos Holder (with Padlock)

    The UTMOST in security for the UTMOST in crunchy. $55, key sold separately for $5.

    Locally-Grown Chicken Foot Gap Bag

    You can reuse this. $75

    Tie-Dyed ERMAHGERD T-Shirt with Bonus La Cie Hard Drive and Hair Extension

    A mere $1000.

    MgNugget Sculpture

    Wall-Mountable Baguette

    "Chair Bridge" for Two Chairs That Are Abnormally Close to One Another

    CUSTOMIZABLE four letter word from Trader Joe's melatonin spelled out and glued on an Open Source CACTUS (On Demand Production For Fun) Hand

    Think of all the four letter words you can spell! $65.

    Danny Brown Wheatgrass Holder

    Awesome dorm accessory. $65