21 Instagram Food Photos That Look Unintentionally Like Halloween

That Lo-Fi filter turns everything into a goddamned bloody mess.

1. Yum! Hearty kidney stones.

2. Bloody drizzle is the new hollandaise.

3. So are those flesh-eating worms or just the regular kind?

4. This bowl of spaghetti is even scarier than a bowl of worms.

Because it’s made with ZERO CARB noodles.

5. Blood is obviously more delicious when dried down to a shiny patina.

Gives it that slight scabby crunch that is to die for.

6. This crispy hair is taken from an unknown body part.

Can you guess which one??

7. Blood clots, get in my belly now!

10. What happens when you mix puke AND poop and put it on a tortilla.

12. Maggots for lunch! Maggots for dinner!

13. Instagram…where grilled salmon goes to DIE.

14. Fried fish or dead skin under a microscope?

15. A mound of poop or a mound of poop?

16. There’s a tongue in my tart.

17. These organs were locally harvested.

(It’s Korean rice cake.)

18. For the health-conscious: eyeball salad, with pan-roasted earlobes for extra protein.

19. For dessert…a bloody brains parfait…

20. Non-healing wound petít cakes…

21. And the tastiest set of human intestines you’ll ever put in your mouth.

(This is a funnel cake, and it looks awesome, if you can get the image of human entrails out of your mind.)

Happy Gruesome Halloween!

Hope I didn’t make your eyes bleed.

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