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33 Ingeniously Designed Products You Need In Your Life

No gizmo gadgetry here. These products are awesome simply because they were designed that way.

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9. Incorporate multiple dips without taking up any extra plate space.|Thu_Dec_26_2013_22:41:24_GMT-0600_(Central_Standard_Time)&m=HardPin&cid=1150&tid=hellosociety_1150_type294_HardPin_Pinterest_67304-6545023&source=Pinterest&

Buy them here.


13. Behold, the "set it and forget it" of trash cans.

Stack it with plastic bags and you won't need to bother with rebagging it every time you take out the trash. Get it here for $19.

14. The Flow Dish Draining Tray keeps your counter clear of a sopping wet mess.

The smooth slopes keep excess water from harboring bacteria, while the water drains straight into the sink for a mess-free countertop. Get it here.


17. Cut down on plastic packaging with a reusable spray bottle by a new eco-conscious brand called Replenish.

Packaging genius: a small pod filled with concentrated detergent simple screws into a reusable plastic bottle.



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