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    24 Household Items You Won't Believe You Don't Own Yet

    How did you even EXIST without a dual shower curtain rod all these years?

    1. A Dishwashing Rack that Drains into the Sink

    A dry countertop is a HAPPY countertop. Get it here for $45.

    2. The Broom Groomer

    "A Sweeping Improvement In Dustpans." Yup. $11.99 from Quirky.

    3. The OCD Chef Cutting Board

    Just think of all the newfound uniformity to be had in your salads. € 23,95 from Droog.

    4. Loopits

    Storage is FUN AGAIN. Get them for $11.99 from Quirky.

    5. The BiKN Tracking Device for Keys and Phone

    Hey scatterbrain! With this system, your phone finds your lost keys and your keys find your lost phone. Get it here for $120.

    6. The Dual Shower Curtain Rod

    A surefire bathroom solution, if I ever saw one. $42 from Target.

    7. "The Ultimate Wine Glass"

    You know who deserves/needs this one (Mom). $13 from Amazon.

    8. The Slush Mug

    Turns ANY DRINK into an instant slushy. Get it for $10 from FreshFinds.

    9. Disinfecting Dishwasher Light

    "Studies have proven that 62% of tested home dishwashers harbor mold. The Disinfecting UV-C Dishwasher Light kills up to 99.9% of microbes. Quickly and sustainably. Without chemicals." YES YOU HAVE BEEN EATING MOLD. It's $31, and it's perfect for the germaphobe in your life.

    10. The One-Stop-Chop Cutting Board

    11. The Book Hook

    30,00 € from Connox.

    12. Silicon Beer Savers

    Get them for $6.99 here.

    13. Remote Control Mop

    It's Roomba's less capable but more affordable wayward cousin. $55 from Japan Trend Shop.

    14. The Portable USB Humidifier

    $30 from Amazon.

    15. A Smoke Alarm that's CUTE

    € 49,95 from Chick-a-Dee.

    16. Spice Dispenser

    It dispenses spices in 1/4 teaspoon increments. $29.99 from FreshFinds.

    17. "Message on a Cookie" Text Stamp and Cookie Cutter Set

    For $20, you can be the proud owner of the coolest cookie cutter set EVER.

    18. Chihuahua Taco Holder Plates

    This will change the ratio of taco to taco spillage forever from here on out. $27 from Overstock.

    19. Chalkboard Pencils

    The most pleasant way to write and draw on a chalkboard. $2.75 apiece from Etsy.

    20. Bed Risers with Built-In Power Strips

    21. Folding Cutting Board

    The sides fold up for easy pouring of contents. $16 from the MOMA store.

    22. Sugar Doilies for Your Tea/Coffee

    $33.60 for 24 from Sweet De Ja Vu on Etsy.

    23. The Palm-Up Soap Dispenser

    A solution for those times when you have gross stuff all over your hands and you don't want to get the soap dispenser all grimy. $20 from Amazon.

    24. The Chef'n Peeler

    According to this pinner, this kitchen gadget allows you to peel 100 potatoes without your hand hurting, and it's a safe and easy way for kids to help out with preparing the vegetables. $6.95 from Amazon.

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