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33 Impossibly Sexy Boudoir Photo Poses

Let these bombshells show you the way.

1. Totally sheer outfit + polka dots are a super-cute alternative to lingerie.

2. Clever mirror placement lets you get ALL the angles.

3. Slip on a pair of hose, commando of course.

4. Do the photo shoot in the morning so you're drenched in sunlight.

5. Because getting ready is the sexiest part of the day.

6. Hint at what you might have looked like getting ready on the morning of your wedding day.

7. Wear your fiancé's shirt.

8. Lean against the window for a slightly voyeuristic vibe.

9. Go for a totally casual "I woke up like this" feel in your coziest sweater.

10. Act as though you do all of your mundane tasks in your underwear.

11. Play with a strand of pearls.

12. Sometimes more is less, as far as clothing is concerned.

This robe-esque top with no bra underneath is way sexier than a teddy.

13. But usually, less is more.

14. Enrobe yourself in luxurious fabrics.

15. Classy furniture and bedding will elevate the fantasy aspect.

16. A silhouette in black and white can also be super elegant.

17. Keep your shoes on.

18. And incorporate them into your pose.

19. Show off those long legs.

20. Sit with your knees up if you're at all self-conscious about your belly area.

21. An upside-down pose can really show off your gorgeous face.

22. As well as a super-hot close-up.

23. Obligatory butt shot is 100% necessary.

24. It never hurts to go for the classic lying-supine pose.

25. This angle is totally flattering.

26. But if you choose to stand up instead, this pose is way sexier than standing arms akimbo.

27. Or play dress-up by incorporating some delightfully sparkly Christmas spirit.

28. Or a little team spirit.

29. Casually slide off the bed for an extra sultry shot.

30. Getting on all fours doesn't have to be tawdry.

31. At some point, don't forget to drop the whole sexy act and get playful.

32. Because a cute and adorable boudoir photo that shows the real YOU can sometimes come out way sexier.

33. And finally, if your photographer is capable...