How To Remake Your Life To Look Like “Moonrise Kingdom”

What if you wanted to aesthetically base your life on this movie? First of all, you need to make sure your surroundings look like a vintage postcard from Maine. Secondly, you have to be totally copacetic with smelling like a musty attic at all times.

2. A lighthouse.

Here are some instructions on how to buy a lighthouse.

3. A portable record player.

Left: $25 from etsy. Right: $25 from etsy.

4. Vintage cape coat.

Sigh, it’s almost impossible to find a vintage coat like the dusty pink one that Suzy is wearing. May as well make it yourself from this 1960s Vogue pattern.

7. A royal blue coat.

So you, too, can look like an evil social worker.

Left: $395 from etsy. Right: $65 from etsy.

8. Madras plaid golf pants.

Who doesn’t want Bill Murray’s Spring 1972 resort look??

$10 from etsy.

10. Sailboat curtains.

You’ll have to periodically scour eBay and etsy for vintage fabric.

Left: $24 curtain from etsy. Right: $19.95 for upholstery fabric.

11. Round crocheted rug.

Left: €180,00 from etsy. Right: $319 from etsy.

12. Collared mod dress.

Left: €71.97 from Modekungen. Right: $16.85 from eBay.

14. A plaid lunchbox.

16. Deer painting.

$195 from etsy. Note: I wouldn’t spend more than $5.

17. A gazebo.

These gazebos are from Gazebo Emporium. “Pricing may vary.” They probably cost like a hundred thousand dollars. I don’t know, it’s been a while since I last looked into gazebo pricing. Hope you have a backyard!!

18. Francoise Hardy record.

Francoise Hardy record, found from eBay.

20. Boy scout badges.

This 10-piece lot is only $10 from etsy.

22. Basket purse.

The kind that’s open on top so you can put your cat in it.

$59 from etsy..

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