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    How To Remake Your Life To Look Like "Moonrise Kingdom"

    What if you wanted to aesthetically base your life on this movie? First of all, you need to make sure your surroundings look like a vintage postcard from Maine. Secondly, you have to be totally copacetic with smelling like a musty attic at all times.

    1. Saddle Shoes.

    2. A lighthouse.

    3. A portable record player.

    4. Vintage cape coat.

    5. Ruffled knee socks.

    6. Boy scout scarves.

    7. A royal blue coat.

    8. Madras plaid golf pants.

    9. Cicada earrings.

    10. Sailboat curtains.

    11. Round crocheted rug.

    12. Collared mod dress.

    13. A window seat.

    14. A plaid lunchbox.

    15. Plaid robe.

    16. Deer painting.

    17. A gazebo.

    18. Francoise Hardy record.


    20. Boy scout badges.

    21. An eyepatch.

    22. Basket purse.