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How To Find Tights That Don't Cut Off Your Blood Circulation

What does a girl have to do around here to not feel like a segmented worm in her winter tights?

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So here are some helpful tips to finding a comfy pair of tights you actually want to wear:

1. Size up not just one but two sizes (or try a plus size).

One size fits all in tights is basically a joke. Size up and not only will the waistband be less constricting, but the tights will be warmer and more opaque.

Just be sure to make sure you buy the right height size, or you'll risk saggy knees or a saggy crotch.


3. Cut the waistband off of your tights and wear your panties OVER them.

It sounds insane and it might look insane. But it works. Your tights will stay up and you won't feel like you're being bisected by the binding.

You can also try making small snips into the waistband. Remember when cutting, try to cut into the thicker, more stable fabric to avoid an unraveling disaster.

5. On the more expensive side, Commando and Falke make extremely comfortable tights.

Commandos come with very wide waistbands that are patented to be dig-free. Two things, though: the waistband is very high-waisted so it is likely to roll, and this is one brand you don't want to size up in. They run true to size and can get saggy in the waist and start falling down. (If you don't want to pay up, Australian store Berlei makes a knock-off for $19.99.)

The waistbands on Falke tights don't dig or roll down, if that's worth the hefty $42 price tag to you.

6. Forgo your tights for thigh highs + sock glue.

Yes, sock glue exists. Get rid of that waistband that is squeezing the life out of you all together.

If you fear the dreaded thigh muffintop, try Sock Dreams. Their thigh highs have wider thigh circumferences. People also love the American Apparel thigh highs, which go higher up on the thigh than most.


9. Try fleece-lined tights for warmth AND comfort.

You won't get that compression effect like you get with regular tights — that feeling that the fabric is holding you or sucking you in — and no matter how thin the fleece, these tights will add a little bulk. But they are oh-so-comfy, and so much less restricting than regular tights.

10. Look for non-nylon blends.

Cotton, bamboo, and wool-blend tights are usually much less constricting. Like the fleece-lined tights, they don't offer the same slimming compression effect as regular nylon tights.

Check out Foot Traffic's site for a big selection of cotton, bamboo, cashmere, and wool tights.