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How To Clean (Almost) Anything And Everything

It's springtime and we all know what THAT means.

1. Acrylic Paint on Clothing

Just dab with some rubbing alcohol.

2. Air Vents

3. Armpit Stains (Ew)

4. Bagless Vacuum

5. Bath Toys

6. Bathroom Exhaust Fans

7. Blinds

8. Brass

9. Burnt Pans

Fill the bottom of the pan with water. Add a cup of white vinegar to the pan. Bring the pan to a boil. Take the pan off the stove and add 2 tablespoons baking soda. Empty the pan and scour.

source: Apartment Therapy; Images by Sarah Starkey.

10. Carpet Pet Hair

11. Cast Iron Pan

12. Cheese Grater

13. Charcoal Grill

14. Clarisonic Brushes

15. Cloudy Glasses

16. Coffee Mug Stains

17. Coffee or Spice Grinder

18. Crockpot

19. Crusty Oven

20. Curling Iron

21. Cutting Boards

22. Cutting Boards

Soak cutting boards in a mixture of bleach and water in the sink for at least an hour. They'll be good as new!

23. Dishwasher

Use vinegar and Kool-Aid. Get full directions here.

24. Dryer Ducts

25. Dyson Vacuum Canister

26. Ear Buds

27. Engagement Ring

28. Floor Grease

29. Front-Loading Washing Machines

30. George Foreman Grill

31. Glass Cooktop

You'll need dishwashing liquid or powder, baking soda, gloves, and a rag. Get the full directions here.

32. Glass Bakeware

33. Glitter

34. Glue Gun

While the gun is still hot, use a ball of aluminum foil to wipe off the nozzle without burning your fingers. Get the full directions here.

35. Granite Counters

36. Grease Stains in Clothing

37. Grout Mildew

38. Hair Brush

39. Hard Water Stains on a Glass Shower Door

40. Humidifier

41. Irregularly Shaped Bottles

42. Keurig Coffeemaker

43. Jean Stains

44. Kitchen Cabinet Gunk

45. Kool-Aid Stains

46. Lampshade

47. Latex Paint Messes

48. Leather Sofas

49. Lipstick Stains

50. Makeup

51. Makeup Brushes

52. Mattress

53. Microfiber Couch

54. Microwave

55. Mini Muffin Pans

56. Mirrors and Glass

57. Moldy Water Bottle

58. Nail-Polish Stained Carpet

59. Oil Stains on a Garage Floor

60. Oven Racks

61. Paint on Clothing

62. Paintbrushes

63. Pen Ink in Clothing

64. Pet Hair

65. Red Wine

For a stain that's dried already, treat it with shaving cream and throw it into the washing machine. For a wet stain, there are a number of different methods, from club soda to kitty litter, which you can get here.

66. Rubber Stamps

67. Rust Stains

68. Rusty Loaf Pans

You'll need baking soda, water, a scourer, and oil. Sprinkle baking soda on and leave for about 30 minutes. Scrub with a scourer. Coat in oil so it doesn't get rusty again.

69. Scuff Marks on Linoleum

70. Sharpie Stains in Carpet

71. Shower Curtain Liner

72. Shower Head

73. Sneakers

74. Stainless Steel Refrigerators

75. Stainless Steel Sink

76. Sterling Silver

Use tartar control toothpaste! Rub it in like you would soap and it'll get the tarnish off.

77. Stove Grates

78. Stove Burners

Pour on a thick coat of baking soda. Follow with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide onto each burner. Wait 15 minutes, then scrub away all that nasty brown stuff.

[source: The Mortician's Wife]

79. Stuffed Animals

80. Toaster

81. Toothbrushes

82. Uggs

83. Weird Space Beween Oven Glass

84. White Heat Marks

Use an iron and some cloth napkins. Full directions here.

85. Wicker Baskets

86. Yellowed Pillowcases

87. Yoga Mat

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