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    People Are Sharing The Little Things That Instantly Make A Guy More Attractive

    How to become a snack in 13 steps.

    People came out en masse to chime in on this Reddit question, "Ladies, just like leggings can very easily attract a guys attention, what is something guys wear that will attract your attention?"

    Here is a sampling from this thread of all the 100% universally objective and true things that will indeed make a guy look hotter.

    1. A button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows.

    Kinda hard to focus on anything else but those forearms, right??

    2. Hydrated lips.

    Guys will spend like 95% of their effort on things we don't even notice, lol. But lips? Lips are front. Lips are center.

    The brand Hurraw has nice, matte lip balms with very subtle yummy flavors like "blue chamomile" and "neroli almond." They also have a flatter profile so they won't look weird and lumpy in your pockets.

    3. A nice watch.

    Fxquadro / Getty Images

    For under $200, you get to look like a million bucks. NeedSupply has a nice selection of tasteful men's watches in the $69-$240 price range.

    4. A cable-knit sweater that isn't too small or too big.

    Sweaters are an investment — they're kinda pricey and annoying to take care of. But they're so easy to get right! Just make sure the knit isn't too scratchy and the neck isn't too tight — you'll look better in it if you feel comfortable.

    5. A plain, well-fitted black t-shirt.

    Buy the one from Buck Mason for $32. It's super soft and looks perfectly worn-in. (The one shown is actually a dark olive green, which works, too!)

    6. A hoodie.

    They're boyish and effortless. A hoodie with some weight and shape to it will hang on your body in a more flattering way than a thin and ratty one. The Champion ones from Urban Outfitters are nice (I've felt them IRL).

    7. Grey sweatpants.


    You probably know why.

    8. A woolen scarf, especially with a woolen peacoat or long-ish woolen coat.

    The CW

    Sigh, don't we all wish it were fall already?

    9. Trousers or jeans that fit good in the butt.

    Some hot tips:

    - Raw or stiffer denim are less likely to sag.

    - Pay attention to how the back pockets make your butt look. Are they lumpy? Are they a little too small compared to the actual square area of your butt cheeks?

    10. That fresh laundry smell.

    History Channel

    Cologne is great but can easily go wrong if you use too much or choose a cloying scent. Fresh laundry is comforting and one of those things you can only really smell if you get close to someone.

    Persil ProClean is a detergent that has a tendency to get lots of compliments, or try a Mrs. Meyers fabric softener.

    11. A 3/4 sleeve henley.

    12. Glasses.


    Glasses make a face look more symmetric and humans are more attracted to symmetric faces. It's science.

    Just look at these photos of guys with glasses before and after to get some helpful context.

    Jason LaVeris / Contributor / FilmMagic

    13. Well-kept nails.

    TBH, you might even want to spring for a mani/pedi once every three months.

    Of course, all this advice is USELESS if you don't keep good hygiene or take care of your stuff.

    "Having well-kept clothes and practicing good hygiene are like 75% of looking good, and confidence makes up the majority of the remaining 25%." - PaganJessica