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    People Are Sharing The Little Things That Instantly Make A Guy More Attractive

    How to become a snack in 13 steps.

    People came out en masse to chime in on this Reddit question, "Ladies, just like leggings can very easily attract a guys attention, what is something guys wear that will attract your attention?"

    Here is a sampling from this thread of all the 100% universally objective and true things that will indeed make a guy look hotter.

    1. A button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows.

    2. Hydrated lips.

    3. A nice watch.

    4. A cable-knit sweater that isn't too small or too big.

    5. A plain, well-fitted black t-shirt.

    6. A hoodie.

    7. Grey sweatpants.

    8. A woolen scarf, especially with a woolen peacoat or long-ish woolen coat.

    9. Trousers or jeans that fit good in the butt.

    10. That fresh laundry smell.

    11. A 3/4 sleeve henley.

    12. Glasses.

    Just look at these photos of guys with glasses before and after to get some helpful context.

    13. Well-kept nails.

    Of course, all this advice is USELESS if you don't keep good hygiene or take care of your stuff.

    "Having well-kept clothes and practicing good hygiene are like 75% of looking good, and confidence makes up the majority of the remaining 25%." - PaganJessica