21 Houseplant Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home 200% Prettier

    The world would be a better place if we just let the plants take over. 🍃

    1. This combination of disco balls and plants that I'd like as a permanent art installation in my home.

    2. This room which embodies every part of "urban jungle paradise."

    3. So much you can do with vertical space.

    4. This delightful bed canopy that would make me even less likely to leave my bedroom.

    5. This delicate combination of plants + canopy + string lights.

    6. Seriously, the possibilities with philodendrons + beds + string lights are endless.

    7. This avocado pit plant that is a reminder to do something with those avocado pits!

    8. This cascade of green.

    9. And these long, luscious locks.

    10. This clothing rack which works infinitely better as a way to display plants.

    11. This exploding Pilea Peperomioides that will rightfully dwarf most living creatures.

    12. These vine-entwined bed posts.

    13. And this vine-entwined daybed.

    14. Proof that a plant/book nook can exist anywhere in your home.

    15. This reminder that plants belong up high and down low.

    16. This plant-enhanced stairway.

    17. And this vine-enhanced one.

    18. This loft space that has been overtaken.

    19. This garland kitchen greeting.

    20. These cactus bleachers.

    21. This union of dog, plant, and hammock that is just too dreamy for words.