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10 Horribly Designed Objects That Will Make You Want To Punch The Wall

Architect and 3D modeler Katerina Kamprani created a series of prototypes called "The Uncomfortable" that puts tiny twists on everyday objects that render them unusable. And it's pure sadism, I tell you. SADISM.

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1. A Self-Loathing Watering Can

2. A Bumbling Oaf of a Button

3. A Doomed Candlestick

4. An Utter Failure of a Key

5. The Purposeless Spoon

6. Mug o' Awkward

7. Rain Boots Devoid of Any Meaningful Existence

8. Christmas-Killing Santa Hat

9. "You'll Never Eat Again" Silverware Set

10. "You'll Never Cook Again" Pot

Art. It makes you feel things.

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