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    Hokuri Nails Are The Most Kawaii Form Of Nail Art Ever

    The designs inspired by a Japanese nail salon called Hokuri feature tiny adorable details that anyone can do. Here are a few of the popular Hokuri nail motifs.

    1. Watercolor Nails

    This jelly-like watercolor nail effect is subtle and super easy. All you need is the right colors and a sponge. Get the DIY here.

    2. Fairy Lights

    Get the tutorial here.

    3. Tiny Triangles

    Get a tutorial here.

    4. Tiny Bugs

    5. Confetti Dot Nails

    6. Really Tiny Confetti

    7. Tiny Stars

    8. Nails that Look Like Candy Crush

    9. Smiley Face Nails

    10. Tiny Cat

    11. Square Confetti

    12. Creative Tips

    13. Zig-Zag

    14. Glittery Lines

    15. Bunting Nails

    16. Tiny Circles

    17. Tiny Herringbone

    18. Tiny Cat Face

    19. Nautical-Inspired

    20. Tiny Flowers

    21. Tiny Butterflies

    22. Tiny Fireworks