36 Cheat Sheets That Will Help You Start Eating Healthier Immediately

    Here's everything you need to know, from healthy food swaps to genius snack ideas.

    1. We're all doing tons of quarantine baking, so here's a handy chart of easy, healthy ingredient swaps.

    2. Swap out your foods for lower-calorie versions.

    3. In case you never thought to put Greek yogurt on a rice cake, but maybe 2021 is the year to start.

    4. Here's a cheat sheet for how to cook any vegetable.

    A Cheat Sheet For How To #Cook Vegetables #healthy #eatclean #plantbased #food #health #diet #eat #vegan #vegetarian

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    5. Here's a great, simple smoothie ingredient chart for when you're bleary-eyed, throwing random things into a blender.

    6. If you're trying to eat more veggies, here are the ones that will last the longest in your fridge or pantry.

    7. Brush up on how long meat keeps in the fridge.

    8. Spices are one of the easiest ways to add flavor without added calories, so here's a handy chart of what to keep stocked in your spice rack.

    Chart of the spices to use in various global cuisines

    9. You're not the only one who's obsessed with your air fryer. Here's the one chart you need:

    Air Fryer Cooking Times Chart

    10. Make a low-carb diet less painful with these keto-friendly substitutes.

    Keto Foods Substitution Chart

    11. And if your brain is swimming with all the new terminology (what IS a macro anyway??), here's something that will help you out with reading nutrition labels.

    Chart on how to read a nutrition label if you're keto

    12. Read one too many study about the dangers of processed meat? Try these deli meat alternatives, which are especially helpful for vegetarians.

    13. If you're trying to get through a whole summer's worth of carbo-loaded barbecues, these bun alternatives will be a life saver.

    14. Easily monitor the calories in any fruit.

    15. Eat pizza for every meal.

    16. Get creative with your chicken and make your meal prep dreams come true.

    17. Easily see what kind of protein the various meats have to offer.

    18. Opt for lower calorie alcohol drinks.

    19. You can still drink on a low carb diet, just make some wise swaps.

    Keto Alcohol Swap Guide

    20. Learn what the low sugar fruits are if you're embarking on a low carb diet.

    21. If you're trying to eat more protein, you'll likely be eating a lot of eggs, so here's a handy boiled egg guide.

    22. Here are some easy ways to get protein as a vegetarian.

    23. And also ways to get calcium as a vegetarian or vegan.

    24. This handy chart will help any vegetarian ensure they're getting enough protein, even from foods you had no idea were a protein source in the first place.

    25. Support your gut health for better digestion.

    26. Watch out for the hidden calories in condiments.

    27. Consider the calorie counts of different meat sources.

    28. Choose the best way to potato...

    29. The best way to bread...

    30. And the best way to chicken, too.

    31. Aaaaand fish.

    32. Know which oil to use for which cooking situation.

    33. Choose foods that are more likely to stave off hunger.

    34. An Instant Pot will put a high-protein dinner on the table faster than anything.

    35. Definitely drink more water.

    36. And finally, make some positive choices that don't just involve your diet.