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Girls and Corpses

This magazine dedicated to hot girls posing with fleshless corpses has got some amazing articles like "Clown Porn...Again" and "Corpse Pilates." Here are some of my favorite photos! Yum!

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  • Charlotte demonstrates her love for shriveled up corpse balls in pastoral Scotland.

  • I think those hot girls are eating poo, although corpses can't poo, can they? Confused.

  • Not sure what this has to do with loving corpses, but I found it on this site.

  • Sometimes old guys love corpses just as much as hot girls do. He's about to go to second base!

  • Wait, which is the girl and which is the corpse?

  • This one's from a feature called "Corpses and Trampolines."

  • I wanted to end on a high note, and this one's called "Happy Endings."