19 Essential Instant Pot Accessories You Need Immediately

    Unlock the magic with all the accessories that veteran Instant Pot users swear by.

    1. A set of two tongs that lets you easily lift out the inner pot when it's too hot to touch.

    2. A non-stick ceramic liner that is way easier to clean than the stainless one your IP comes with.

    3. A steamer basket insert is surprisingly versatile.

    4. This bundt cake pan which fits perfectly into a 6-qt Instant Pot.

    5. Extra sealing rings — one for sweet and one for savory foods.

    6. This silicone sling makes removing things from the IP a breeze, and doubles as a trivet.

    7. Silicone mini-mitts, aka finger savers.

    8. A silicon mold for sous vide breakfast bites that are even better than the ones from Starbucks.

    9. A double set of stackable trivets so you can cook two things at once.

    10. Along the same lines, this stackable double decker steamer insert lets you steam two things at the same time.

    11. A springform pan for making things like lasagna, cheesecake, meatloaf, cakes and banana bread.

    12. A wooden spoon with an angled corner.

    13. A glass lid if you ever want to use your IP in slow cooker or sauté mode.

    14. A silicone lid that fits your IP liner perfectly.


    16. Bar Keepers Friend, the one cleaning product that will get your stainless steel pot looking new again.

    17. This 10-piece set which has pretty much everything you need.

    18. These Instant Pot vinyl wraps aren't a must-have, but isn't this darling??

    19. And finally, a cart to hold your precious Instant Pot and all your new must-have accessories.