26 DIY Hairstyles Fit For A Princess

    Get the fairy-tale look, no tiara required.

    1. The Crown of Knots

    2. Flower-Woven Rapunzel Braids

    3. All-Over Wrapped Braided Hairdo

    4. The Side French Braid

    5. Messy Pinned-Back Waves

    6. The Half-Up Messy Bow

    7. The Simple Crown Twist

    8. Halo Braids

    9. Rihanna's Rapunzel Side Braid

    10. The Braided Nape

    11. The Side Knot

    12. The Lace-Through Braid

    13. The Fabric Woven Bun

    14. The Trio of Braids

    15. Belle's Half-Up Bun

    16. The Two-Strand Flat Twist

    17. The Celtic Knot

    18. Hairband Half-Up Hairdo

    19. Jasmine's Hair

    20. Draped Gold Chains Princess Hair

    21. The Loose Twisted Halo Hairstyle

    22. Tucked-Under Hippie Twist Hairstyle

    23. Daenerys Targaryen-Inspired Braid

    24. The Princess Mermaid Braid

    25. Bohemian Rope Braids

    26. Soft Fairytale Hair

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