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    33 Stunningly Cool Tattoos For Witchy People

    Absolutely wicked.

    BEWARE... Lots of pretty flowers, colorful crystals, and black cats ahead.

    1. A spell, in tattoo form.

    2. This delicately beautiful tattoo that's nicer than your nicest jewelry.

    3. Any tarot card, but especially The Magician.

    4. A representation of sisterhood.

    5. This serene scene.

    6. A slightly cryptic hand gesturing at a moon.

    7. And these delicate hands also gesturing at a moon.

    8. This book and cauldron combo.

    9. This lovely snowflake and rose combo.

    10. And this celestial meets floral theme.

    11. An entwining snake.

    12. A daisy-entwined wishbone.

    13. A collection of symbols and skulls.

    14. These colorful crystals.

    15. And this exquisite rainbow one.

    16. A moth straight out of an old spellbook.

    17. This borderline witchy nature tattoo.

    18. This thistle tattoo, fittingly inked in Salem, Massachusetts.

    19. A two-headed snake.

    20. A sage-wrapped rose for warding off the bad spirits.

    21. A black rose.

    22. A black broom.

    23. And a black cat, of course.

    24. Some spellbinding wheat.

    25. A hand clutching wildflowers.

    26. A shadow puppet.

    27. A minimalist bouquet.

    28. An intricately detailed witch's hat.

    29. A tattoo fit for any Halloween.

    30. A little baby Ouija planchette.

    31. An Edgar Allan Poe–inspired planchette.

    32. This botanical "sleeve."

    33. And of course, the loveliest witch of them all, Sabrina Spellman.

    This post was updated May 5, 2019 to reflect some helpful clarity notes from our commenters.