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29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Combat the chaos of the classroom with these inspiring organization tips.

1. Use a dish rack to stay organized.

2. Use a sweater holder to organize construction paper.

3. Hang magazines onto a curtain rod with shower curtain rings.

4. Use the screw containers from hardware stores to organize small toys and crayons.

5. Keep game pieces organized in plastic bins if the cardboard boxes are starting to fall apart.

6. A "bucket jockey" found in your local hardware store serves as a portable writing or coloring center.

7. Plastic cups in a muffin tin act as an art supply tray.

8. Stay on top of the paper trail with labeled binder clips.

9. Keep crayons organized by placing colored construction paper in the bottom of the bins.

10. Paint colored shelves to signify different reading levels.

11. Chalkboard paint your filing cabinets and you can re-label them throughout the year.

12. For an art table, glue pails onto a lazy susan.

13. Take a photo of what a bin should look like. Kids can't be dismissed until the bins look like they do in the photograph.

14. These Home Depot aprons are only 77 cents and make for great desk organizers when tied around a chair.

15. Keep sharped and non-sharpened pencils in separate jars.

16. Hot glue tacks onto clothespins for an easy way to interchange artwork or anchor charts on a bulletin board.

17. This clothespin system will help you keep track of who has turned in their homework.

18. A metal tray and magnets serve as a "Where Are We?" chart.

19. Conquer that pile of papers on your desk with a plastic bin, divided into three categories.

20. Keep workspaces clutter-free by keeping organizers on top of bins in between desks.

21. Use a Lowe's toolbox to keep supplies in order on your desk.

22. Use a wine rack and plastic cups to store markers.

23. Zip-tie crates together to make an easy storage system.

24. Use hangable rainbow file folders so students can turn in their work according to subject matter.

25. Use shoe racks to create extra shelf space on desks.

26. Use an old CD binder to store die-cut letters.

27. Keep your flash cards in soap holders.

28. Use colored clipboard to hang student work.

29. Divide books using paint stirrers.

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