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    Here's Everything You Should Stop Buying In 2020

    Kickstart those savings.

    Do you ever buy things online and forget to return them?

    Maybe 2020 is the year we resolve to stop much.

    Here are some examples of the rules and exceptions she created.

    1. Let's start with all those beauty products we think we need. It's time to stop looking for your "holy grail."

    2. Take advantage of book swaps and your local library.

    3. Stop with the new electronics and useless gadgets.

    Just because the new Airpods came out doesn't mean you need to own them, at least for now. Limit purchases to the replacement of truly vital things that get lost or broken, like your phone.

    4. And resist upgrades that aren't going to be a huge quality-of-life gamechanger.

    5. Cut out the source of your number one shopping addiction.

    Here's a great tip for impulse buys: put it on your wishlist and see if you really still want it in a week, or a month.

    "My trick to curbing my online shopping is simple: if you like an item, save it to your wishlist. At the end of the month, I go through and purge the items that —let's face it — I don't really need or have room for. Things that I keep coming back to on the list, I either buy/save for or move to a Christmas or birthday wishlist."


    6. And maybe actually just stop buying new clothes in general.

    Or limit yourself to no fast fashion. Or maybe you limit yourself to only the $$ amount that you're able to get back from your current wardrobe (if you have a resale shop like Buffalo Exchange in your area or have the patience to sell on a resale app like Poshmark or Depop).

    Some other helpful rules you could set for yourself if you're addicted to buying new clothing:

    1) Any new clothes must be on the French wardrobe list.

    2) Ask yourself questions like, "Will I wear this at least 30 times? Does it work with my other clothes?"

    3) If you don't wear it within a week, return it.

    7. Stop buying repeats of things.

    8. Stop impulse-buying things at the grocery store you're not going to actually eat this week.

    9. You can probably live without new stationery...for now.

    10. Limit eating/drinking out in some way, shape, or form.

    Whether it's your everyday morning coffee, ordering delivery, or buying lunch at work, you can start by cutting out one regular habit that adds up. You could also resolve to only use the gift cards you've received in the past so you're not spending any new money. Or you could resolve to stop ordering alcohol with meals (but maybe BYOB is OK). There are so many ways to pull back on spending without completely depriving yourself.

    11. Utilize the "replace only" rule for cleaning supplies.

    It seems like every time I go to Target, there are hundreds of new cleaning supplies, tempting me with its new-and-improved millennial pink packaging or some promise of a groundbreaking new cleaning technology that is going to change my life forever. The rule is: you can buy them! Someday, when the ones at home actually run out.

    12. Let more time elapse between between beauty treatments like hair appointments, manicures, or waxes.

    13. Don't get suckered into new subscription services.

    14. Only buy used for home decor and clothing.

    15. Remember that sales are not special.

    Of course, the possibilities are endless, depending on what your lifestyle is.

    You could stop buying video games, records, lottery tickets, kitchen accessories, or single-use products like wipes. Maybe you want to make exceptions for things like school books or art supplies. This is a (hopefully creative and somewhat fulfilling!) exercise in seeing if we can learn to live without, and trying to get use out of the things we already own.

    Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.