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    47 Brilliant Tips To Getting An Amazing Senior Portrait

    Do everything in your power so you don't end up on the Awkward Senior Portraits tumblr.

    1. With a little Photoshop magic, you can make yourself appear that you're floating away.

    2. Or just celebrate with both feet on the ground.

    3. Plant a chair in the middle of nowhere.

    4. Put the focus on your shoes.

    5. Light up a sparkler.

    6. Or even write your name with one.

    7. Get an explosion of color with some glitter or confetti.

    8. Let the sun shine down brightly on you.

    9. Venture out to the middle of a lake.

    10. Glide brazenly through the woods.

    11. Find an amazing abandoned locale.

    12. Sit on the edge of something scary.

    13. Get carefree on a swing.

    14. Incorporate your best friend.

    15. Take to the city streets.

    16. Ponder your reflection.

    17. Make a slightly silly face.

    18. Get your game face on.

    19. Get snapped with your favorite book.

    20. Or just every book you've ever read.

    21. Show off your well-rounded interests.

    22. Incorporate your first day of school photo.

    23. Hang out upside down.

    24. Write something meaningful on your fingers.

    25. Simple but stunning: look back over one shoulder.

    26. An in-action time-lapse is a creative way to show off your athletic prowess.

    27. Artfully splay your hair in all its glory.

    28. Artfully incorporate your gum.

    29. (Also cute and perfect in unchewed form).

    30. Lie down in the brightest pillow of green grass you can find.

    31. Be the light at the end of the tunnel.

    32. Or at the end of the rainbow slide.

    33. Get cozy in your coziest outfit.

    34. Get cozy with an adorable miniature animal.

    35. Go for a sweet vintage vibe.

    36. Put on a stunning fairytale gown.

    37. Lie out on the football field if that's where you really thrive.

    38. Or on the golf greenery if that's where you actually belong.

    39. Commemorate your graduation year in the sand.

    40. Put your graduation cap to good use (i.e. not on your head).

    41. Get meta.

    42. Leap up like the awesome ballerina that you are.

    43. Get photobombed by your friends.

    44. Show off that upper arm strength.

    45. Be a dreamer.

    46. Be proud of all that you've accomplished.

    47. Peace out.