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"Can You Correctly Answer These SAT Grammar Questions?" And 12 Other Simple But Surprisingly Hard Knowledge Quizzes

Gotta keep that ol' noggin' fresh, you know?

3. Only An Actual Teacher Can Correctly Answer 6/8 Of These Grammar Questions

If you didn't notice the mistake in this sentence, youre not going to pass. Take the quiz.

4. This Random Knowledge Quiz Will Show If You're Actually Smart

Think you've got the smarts? Let's go!

7. This Random Knowledge Trivia Quiz IS NOT HARD, But Can You Pass It?

If you haven't done your brain exercises, do them now!

9. Can An Old Fart Like You Pass This Seventh-Grade Spelling Test?

Are you smarter than a seventh grader? Take the quiz.

11. If You Can Get Even Half The Top Answers To These 10 "Family Feud" Questions, You're A Genius

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