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    46 Backyard DIYs That Will Make Being Trapped At Home Suck A Little Less

    We can have a little garden inspiration, as a treat.

    1. Hang a squirrel picnic table on your fence.

    Ok, my daughter sent me this photo and now I kinda wanna make one

    Even if we can't have nice things, at least the squirrels can.

    This one is available from Etsy for $34.

    2. Simultaneously build a fire, roast some s'mores, AND do art & crafts hour with the kids.

    TODAY'S ART LESSON: DIY backyard charcoal! Use paper bags for your paper. Secure paper with tape or rocks to a surface. Make a fire. Burn sticks to use as your drawing tool until they get charcoal-y. Put them back in fire to get more charcoal. Have some water nearby just in case.

    3. Pool noodles threaded together make a cheap and easy raft you can laze around on in the pool.

    You could even coordinate your pool noodle colors to a holiday like Fourth of July or a sports team everyone's rooting for.

    DIY Pool Noodle Raft Instructions

    4. Combine container gardening with wooden posts to create a magical patio of plants and string lights.

    5. Make a lettuce table from old furniture.

    6. Play a game of water balloon piñatas.

    7. There are so many elegant DIY ways to clamp a row of solar lights onto a fence.,

    No electrical outlets necessary.

    8. This old fondue pot becomes a water fountain by day and a firepit at night.

    9. If the idea of gardening sounds completely overwhelming right now, start with containers. Here are guides for full sun planters and shady planters.

    These posts will guide you in what kind of flowers to plant, and how to create an artful arrangement.

    10. Now is a great time to get started on raised garden beds.

    New additions to the backyard for @gardening.with.ingrid! Adding raised beds can be a simple DIY that even kids can help out with. Having them be a part of a garden project they can watch come to life is a great experience you both can enjoy!

    11. Cover up that eyesore of an AC unit with a DIY cover.

    12. Hide your garden hose in a DIY planter.

    13. If you're looking for a short, easy DIY project, make a spring wreath using Spanish moss and faux flowers.

    14. Here's an IKEA balcony bar, for those of you who might be apartment dwellers.

    15. Create some DIY flower towers to create some statement pieces as part of your landscaping.

    Find out how to make your own; you can also purchase them for $36.99 apiece from Wayfair.

    16. If you happen to have an old, empty drum lying about, you can turn it into a hand pump for water.

    A very cool project if you happen to have the right things. See the tutorial.

    17. Or maybe you have an old window screen lying around, which you can repurpose into a bulletin board.

    18. Combine a readymade solar fountain with galvanized tubs to create a resplendent garden fountain.

    19. For a stupid easy DIY project, repurpose an old toy into a succulent planter.

    A small project like this can add a lot of character to an outdoor space.

    20. For another stupid easy DIY project, stick an electric candle in a planter for elegant, impromptu lighting.

    21. Create a floral tapestry growing climbing petunia vines on a DIY nylon net.

    You can purchase one of these nets on eBay for around $2.

    22. Create a musical activity wall with things you might have lying around.

    "Broken xylophone, the old wind chimes and tambourines from the music tree, some bowls, pans and a load of sticks (wooden spoons or beads on wire sticks), plus a couple of the wire shelves from an old refridgerator that a neighbour was disposing of. Lots of clangy bangy goodness."

    See how they did this.

    23. Here are a few reasons to make hypertufa planters: they're lightweight, the porous quality makes them very amenable to plant growth, and they create a gorgeous patina as they age.

    It's a fairly simple cement project that uses molds you already have lying around your house.

    24. Need easy pathway lighting? Fill a terracotta planter with stones and stick a solar light in it.

    25. Set up some air mattresses under the stars.

    26. Make a garden umbrella stand using a pot or a barrel.

    27. Inject a ball with glow stick juice for some nighttime volleyball.

    28. Fill an overturned pot with Aubrieta violets for a springtime cornucopia.

    This flower makes for a hardy ground cover. You can get the seeds for $3.35 a packet from Etsy.

    29. Make ALL your seating swing seating.

    30. Tie rope between trees to create a fun obstacle course for the kids.

    31. Placemats + fabric waterproofing spray = cheap and easy outdoor throw pillows.

    32. Paint the stones in your garden with a delightful motif., Image © Tempest / Via

    Or just use glow in the dark paint if you're looking for some nighttime illumination.

    33. Hide an ugly chain link fence with inexpensive wood lattice that you can grow vines on.

    34. If you're looking for a super easy gardening project, you can buy no-drill wall trellis anchors.

    These come in 50 anchor sets for $16 or 100 anchor sets for $24. OK I'll stop harping on trellises now, I just think they look really cool!

    35. Make a "wee village" garden.

    Your kids will have so much fun playing with this miniature village, and it's a great way to get them outside.

    36. Did a tree fall down? Use it as a a bike stand.

    Stu­dio Sjoesjoe

    37. Build a cheap and easy bean fort.

    See how they did this here.

    38. Set up pool noodles for a game of kickball croquet.,

    Hula-hoops work too. Get the directions here.

    39. You can build a backyard beach for $200.

    It'll be a nonstop summer vacation. This one takes up only 100 square feet of space.

    40. If you're looking for a super practical project, here's an easy way to take care of the mold growing on a wooden fence.

    41. Make a jelly jar hummingbird feeder, because there's nothing more pleasant than watching hummingbirds flit about.

    Buy this one from Etsy or get instructions here.

    42. If you're looking to rig something up in ten minutes or less, a plastic soda bottle and a hose tossed over a tree branch will make do, too.

    43. Create elegant "stone" columns with pool noodles.

    According to the comments, "As long as you seal it really well with an exterior paint, this *should* tolerate an outside overhang or screened porch. Just gotta watch for mold, same as anything outside!"

    DIY "Stone" Columns Instructions

    44. This cinder block bench should only cost you about $30.

    45. Mount a chalk-painted board to the fence so kids can unleash their creativity outdoors.

    46. For the ambitious golf-er, here is a tutorial on how to create a DIY putting green.

    OK this is not an easy or inexpensive weekend DIY project, but it is very cool so I had to include it.

    If you're still daydreaming about backyard fun, check out this list of 32 Outrageously Fun Things You’ll Want In Your Backyard This Summer.