34 Gifts For The Coolest Baby You Know

For the baby that is equal parts self-aware and authentic.


For a baby whose wails sound more like sensitive crooning. $16.98 from here.

2. A Kerchief Bib

Get one here for $10.

3. Tiny Skull-Print Toms

4. A Mason Jar Sippy Cup

So young, so rustic. $8 from Etsy.

5. France Baby Log Book

The most well-designed baby log book for the meticulous parent, featuring “plenty of room for notes, pictures, footprints & remnants of your loved ones lunch.” £16.50 from Present and Correct.

6. Cuddly iPhone and iPad Cases for Clumsy Toddlers

$79.99 for the iPad version and $49.99 for the iPhone version.

7. Cardboard High Chair

Not only is it 100% recycled, but it folds up into practically NOTHING, for urban-dwelling parents who are pressed for space. Get it here.

8. “Hi” Helvetica Knit Blanket

Even this baby’s wares are deadpan. $75 from Etsy.

9. Organic Wooden Teethers

$12 from Etsy.

10. Giraffe Swaddle Wrap

$50 for a pack of four.

11. The Pantone Colors Book

Get them started on a fruitful career in graphic design early. $9.99 from Bookworm.

12. Organic Veggie Cotton Teethers

Now the little one can have their own CSA box. $28 from Uncommon Goods.

13. Teepee-Print Leggings

$28 from Etsy.

14. Wooden Toy Camera

Around $34, many designs from this Etsy shop.

15. Self-Aware Zazzle Poetry Onesie

$25.95 from Zazzle.

16. Aztec Sweatshirt Romper

Almost TOO grunge. Contact Little Warrior for more information.

17. Knit My Neighbor Totoro Hat

For the baby that prefers Hayao Miyazaki to Disney. $25 from Etsy.

18. Felted Woodland Animal Mobile

For the baby that falls asleep willingly to Bon Iver. $238 from Etsy.

19. Fortune Cookie Booties

$28 from Uncommon Goods.

20. Gold Star Cloud Mobile

$50 from Etsy.

21. Galaxy Bib and Burp Set

$35 from Dwell Studio.

22. Keith Haring Pull Toy

$85 from The Fancy.

23. Knotted Onesie

This is like something Bjork would have worn as a toddler. Get it for $77 from Etsy.

24. Novelty Socks

$9.95 from Seed Heritage.

25. Handmade Baby Octopus Toy

Is it a toy or is it art? Your toddler will hopefully one day be able to tell the difference. $37 from Etsy.

26. Stackable Crayon Toys

For the burgeoning artiste. The large size makes them impossible to swallow and therefore safe for toddlers, and the formula is easily cleanable off of walls and other surfaces. $22 from Tortoise General Store.

27. Baby Bottle Shark Cozy

$18 from Etsy.

28. HUF Marijuana Toddler Socks

Gateway socks. $12 from Pick Your Shoes.

29. Pia Wallen Cross Baby Blanket

It’s like the baby blanket version of The xx album cover. £64.00 from Story North.

30. My First Meme Coloring Book

There are many awkward family photos in this baby’s future. €17 from Check This.

31. Rainbow in My Room Nightlight

$25 from Urban Outfitters.

32. Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Changing Table

For the city apartment dwellers. £313.50 from Little Fashion Gallery.

33. Toddler Sushi Booties

$28 from Uncommon Goods. Wait…it gets better.

THIS!!! Is how they come packaged.

34. Ketchup Packet Costume

For obvious reasons, this is the coolest baby in town. $17 from Fancy.

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