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    15 Awesome Things You Can Make With A Stupid Pizza Box

    So you can't recycle them, and they don't fit in your trash can. Earn a few extra karma points with the earth by making these practical projects.


    2. Cat Bed

    This DIY requires no steps, besides forgetting that you left a pizza box on the floor.

    3. A Solar-Powered S'more Oven

    F*cking genius. Get the directions here.

    4. A Square Ring Flash for Your Camera

    Get the full directions here.

    5. A Kid's Art Easel

    Too cute. Get the directions here.

    6. A Table Soccer Game

    Get more details here.

    7. XBox 360 Arcade Game Controller

    Find out more here.

    8. A Pizza Bib

    This is an essential stoner DIY life tip.

    9. This Adorable Clock

    From drab to fab. Get the directions here.

    10. Outdoor Bird's Nest

    Ooh, nature craft for the kids. Get the directions here.

    11. Battleshots the Game

    Relive the dorm room fun all over again. Get the details here.

    12. A Tiered Desk Organizer

    13. Prettier Pizza Boxes

    Actually, this little tutorial shows you how to turn pizza boxes into a fun puzzle game for preschoolers.

    14. A Skee-Ball Game

    Get the directions here.

    15. Wall Art

    Cover with fabric or wallpaper and staple along the back.

    16. And now in video form!

    View this video on YouTube

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