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    37 Awesome DIYs To Make Before School Starts

    The only thing better than new school supplies are the extra special ones you make yourself.

    1. Revamped Lunch Box

    Decoupage a photo to the front and cover the inside with blackboard paint for changeable messages.

    2. Book Covers with Plastic Pockets

    Get the DIY here.

    3. Milk Jug Sandwich Protector

    Directions here.

    4. Supply Holder Notebook

    Sew elastic onto a notebook to hold essentials. DIY here.

    5. Notebook Lunchbag

    Highly customizable to be slightly more or less enthusiastic about the state of lunch. Get the directions here.

    6. Alphabet Necklace

    For the most blingin' first grader ever. Directions here.

    7. Felt Cutout Pencil Pouch

    NO sewing skills required.

    8. Piano Hinge Notebook

    This one uses colored paper and bamboo skewers. Get the directions here.

    9. Adorable Bow Pencil Pouch

    Light sewing skills required. Directions here.

    10. Mini Art Roll

    Every child needs this. Every adult needs this. DIY here.

    11. Locker Tote

    Directions here.

    12. Clipboard Makeovers with Washi and Duct Tape

    Tutorial here.

    13. Stamped Pencils

    Directions here.

    14. Fabric Notebook Covers

    These adorable fabric book covers have a little extra pocket. Get the DIY here.

    15. Chalkboard Placemats

    Give your placemats a coat of blackboard paint.

    16. Backpack Tags

    Get the printable here.

    17. Insanely Simple Heart-Shaped Paper Clips

    18. Washi Tape Pencils

    So easy, a third grader could make these.

    19. Threaded Bookmarks

    20. Paper Gel Pens

    Use colored paper to brighten up gel pens.

    21. Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner Notebook

    Directions here.

    22. Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

    Materials needed: pipe cleaners, scissors, foam stickers, and markers.

    23. Craft Foam Pencil Case

    Small hands can get a feel for sewing with this project, which requires a child-safe needle. Get the directions here.

    24. Loft/Bunk Bed Organizer

    Get the directions here.

    25. Laptop Stand for the Bed

    This DIY claims to only cost $15 and take 30-60 minutes of your time.

    26. Over-The-Chair Bag

    For extra storage and organization. Get the sewing DIY here.

    27. Cord Organizer

    Get the directions here.

    28. Cork Pencil Holders

    Get the DIY here.

    29. Ribbon Bookmarks

    An incredibly easy DIY that makes a great back-to-school teacher gift.

    30. Cute Wall Hooks

    Adorable for an elementary school classroom. Get the DIY here.

    31. Scrap Fabric Notebook and Pen Set

    Get the tutorial here.

    32. Apple Pencil Holder

    33. Recycled Soda Bottle Apple Pouches

    Get the directions here.

    34. Mason Jar Caddy

    Get the directions here.

    35. Chalkboard Locket Necklace

    36. Notebook Tote

    These are easy enough to make with embroidery thread and Sharpies.

    37. Potted Herb Plant

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