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37 Awesome Christmas Card Ideas You Should Steal

Give everyone you know something they'll be proud to display on the mantle.

1. If you want to show your parents how much you love college.

2. If you still live in a dorm.

Or frat house, rather.

3. If you're feeling poor.

4. If you're a jazzy single.

5. If you're single with dog.


7. If you have a single friend who's the butt of every joke.

8. If you're married with dog.

9. If you're single with cat.

10. If you ARE a cat.

11. If you're an awesome parent.

Only awesome parents can get away with sending a card like this.

12. If you're the "modern family."

13. If your family is on the epic side.


15. If your family has a dark side.

16. Or perhaps just a really dark sense of humor.

17. If you and your family are a roving troupe of acrobats.

18. If you're a just plain big family....

This was actually a Gap ad, but it makes an adorable Christmas card photo.

19. And you want to take the snowflake motif as far as it will go.

20. If your spouse is deployed.

21. If you need an excuse to shut the kids up for 30 minutes.

22. Or keep them immobile.

23. If you're newly married.

Season's greetings from the hipster couple!

24. If you want to do one of those joint couple dealies.

25. If you love Elf on the Shelf.

I mean who doesn't.


Apparently there's an app for this.

27. If you happen to be throwing the holiday party.

28. If you're a twin.

29. If you're good at Photoshop.

30. Like, really good at Photoshop.



33. Or really bad at Photoshop?

34. If all you want for Christmas is to get high.

35. If your office has a staff of six or less.

You can freak out all of your customers with a creepy composite of your faces.

36. If your kid is growing up way too fast.

A baby's work is never done.

37. If your kids won't grow up fast enough.

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