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Just 12 "Among Us" Quizzes For Anyone Who Is Hopelessly Addicted To This Perfect Game

I sus-pect you'll like these quizzes.

You've faked tasks, you've acted sus, you've vented, you've memorized the Skeld map, and you've worn every hat. The only logical next step is to take every "Among Us" quiz we have to offer! For the hardcore "Among Us" fans out there, here are all our best quizzes in one convenient place.

1. Play A Round Of "Among Us" And We'll Tell You How Good You Are At Being An Impostor

Among Us characters with different hats on

2. Are You The Impostor, Or Just Kinda Sus?

Red Among Us character beside "Emergency Meeting" Screenshot

3. Plan Your Halloween And We'll Tell You If You're An Imposter, Crewmate, Or Ghost

Halloween treats on the left, screenshot from Among Us on the right

4. The Way You Play "Among Us" Will Determine What % Sus You Are

Among Us characters, one is 12% sus, the other is 99% sus

5. There Are Only 5 Types Of "Among Us" Imposters — Which One Are You?

Among Us characters, one is a Trickster and one is a Mastermind

6. It's Time To Find Out Which "Among Us" Hat Embodies Your True Self

Among Us characters wearing different hats

7. Do You Have The Same "Among Us" Opinions As Everyone Else?

8. Pretend To Play “Among Us" And We'll Reveal Your Playing Style

Among Us characters, one says "The Quiet Kid" the other says "The Detective"

9. We Know If You're A Crewmate Or An Imposter From "Among Us" Based On The Subway Sandwich You Order

Subway sandwich on the left, Among Us impostor on the right

10. Wanna Know How Good You Really Are At "Among Us"? Just Pretend To Play The Game To Find Out

Dead body on Among Us vs Among Us character "expert" with egg yolk hat

11. Answer These 5 Simple Questions And We'll Tell You Which "Among Us" Color You Truly Embody

Among Us character with "Impostor" written above

12. Are You A Crewmate Or An Imposter Based On How You Play "Among Us?"