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31 Genius Hacks For Your Elementary School Art Class

Kids need art.

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22. Kids can make super easy picture frames out of construction paper.

Fold the paper into fourths, cut out an L shape, and then cut a jagged or scalloped design along the outer edge.

Still confused? Get the full directions here.

24. Display the art and cards that students give you.

"When a student proudly brings me a card or drawing, I read it and tell them how wonderful they are, and then direct them to the Cards to Remember book. They add their card or drawing to the binder. I leave the binder on display so other students can look through it." Such a sweet idea! Read more about this system here.

26. Use a dropper to make a huge array of watercolor shades.

By just starting out with two pools of yellow and two of blue, the student can eye-drop those paints into other pools of plain water to create a gradient of different colors.

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