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37 Things That Actually Belong On Your Wishlist

You're not materialistic. You just have amazing taste.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. DIY Macaron-Making Kit, $38.99

Because you can eat, like, 50 of these in one sitting.

2. Inspirational Water Bottle, $16

Because you need a little motivation for 2015.

3. Mermaid Blanket, $35

Because you belong to the sea (or maybe just the couch).

4. Martini/Wine Glass, $17.99

Because they both play equally important roles in your general well-being.

5. Firefly Lights, $20

Because everyone has a dark corner that needs a little bit of illumination.

6. The Secret Stash Water Bottle, $20

Because you don't need another excuse to not work out.

7. Reformation Sweatshirt, $118

Because you deserve to look good even when you're deep in a cyber k-hole.

8. Kitty Cat Socks, $5

Because the devil(ishly cute) is in the details.

9. Pizza Belovesie, $99

10. Bluetoothify Your Headphones, $49

Because your Beats would be even better if they were wireless.

11. The Perfect-Curls-In-Three-Seconds Curling Iron, $14.99

Because you're not a morning person.

12. Tinted Lip Treatment, $12

Because you need a lip balm that's too pretty to lose.

13. The Bag Light, $10

Because you need to reclaim your time lost digging around for said lip balm.

14. Salad Scissors, $20

Because you would eat healthier if your salads didn't involve giant fronds of wet lettuce.

15. Portable Planetarium, $81

Because bath time = sanctuary.

16. A Programmable Tattoo System, $150

It's not real, but that doesn't mean you can't wish for it to be.

17. The Cake Decorating Pen, $32

Because you have an insatiable need to express yourself in frosting.

18. Hangover Face Primer, $32

Because you need all the help you can get this holiday season.

19. The Crockpot Super Dipper, $78

Because the Superbowl is less than two months away.

20. The Fizzini Soda Maker, $60

Because you don't have the space or the money for a Sodastream.

21. Rainbow Night Light, $13

Because you're an optimist.

22. A Whiskey Wedge Glass, $14.95

Because you're the classiest damn drunk there ever was.

23. A Personal Pizza Maker, $50

Because unlimited pizza gift certificates unfortunately do not exist.

24. DIY French Fry Slicer, $2.99

Because you like 'em on the reg.

25. Pajama Warmers, $39.95

Because you deserve THE BEST, aka warm pajamas.

26. iPhone Case with Built-In Projector, $230

Because the ability to movie night virtually anywhere is truly the hallmark of the future.

27. The Tiny Polaroid Cube Video Camera, $99

Because coolness seldom comes in such a tiny cute package.

28. A Solar-Powered Battery Pack On a Keychain, $5.99

Because you're off the chain.

29. Interactive Petcube, $199

Because if you had things your way, you would spend every waking moment playing with your cat.

30. Bottle Opener Sunglasses, $50

Because you're the life of the BBQ, forever and always.

31. Nutella Sweatshirt, $20.99

Because you're only assuaged by comfort food.

32. Old Book Macbook Cover, $79.99

Because you're secretly an old soul.

33. iPad-->Macbook Case, $27

Because your life would be so much easier if your iPad was the only thing you ever had to carry.

34. Pizza Inflatable Chair, $40

Because your home office could use a little pizza-nality.

35. LED Light-Up Stud Earrings, $9

Because you go to way too many concerts/shows/raves to NOT own these.

36. Your Wishlist Shirt, $28

Because priorities.