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    22 Adorable Ideas For An Epic Robot-Themed Birthday Party

    The technology is here. We now have the technology to create the cutest children's birthday party ever.

    1. Googly Eyes and Tin Cans

    2. Nuts and Bolts

    The metal kind...

    and the eating kind.

    3. Micro Chips

    4. Browser Cookies

    5. Robot Fuel in Shades of Battery Acid

    6. Photo Props

    7. Cogs

    8. Favorbots

    9. Bunting in LED Font

    10. M&M Encrusted Cakes

    And those little silver balls, of course. BEEP BEEP BOOP BOOP.

    11. Rocket Cupcake Toppers

    12. Space Biscuits

    13. Radioactive Jello

    14. Invitations in Shades of Primary Colors

    Get the printable here.

    15. Antennae Headbands

    Made from pipe cleaners.

    16. Robot Cupcakes Made From Marshmallows and Gumdrops

    17. Giftbots

    18. Artful Use of Snack Trays

    19. Robot Cupcake Molds

    Buy them here.

    20. Rice Krispie Treat Robots

    21. Rocket Launcher Back Packs

    22. A Fruitbot

    23. A Robodog

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