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Adorable Animal Barf Videos

Here are some adorable, and slightly less adorable animal puking videos.

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  • 1. Gorilla Puking

    I love the little head shake thing he does right before it happens. Adorable!

  • 2. Alligator Pukes a Hippo

    Slightly less adorable.

  • 3. Ocelot Throws Up a Furball

    Did that ocelot just hear some bad news about his mom/girlfriend? Nah, just swallowed a furball. Adorable!

  • 4. Pitbull Dog Sex Puke

    Pitbulls fucking? Slightly less adorable. Pitbull throwing up on the pitbull it's fucking? Okay, this video might not actually be adorable.

  • 5. How to Break Up a Cat Fight

    Aww! That cat throw-up looks like pancake batter.

  • 6. Hamster Barfs Into Its Own Exercise Wheel

    That's a lot of barf for a tiny hamster. Adorable!

  • 7. Walrus Puke Cycle

    Walrus throws up, eats it again, repeats several times. Slightly less adorable.

  • 8. Bird Throws Up

    This bird throws up a bad seed and that resumes its life, as if nothing ever happened.