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    7 Things You Might Not Have Known About "The Hunger Games"

    You only read really need to read the first one though. Suzanne Collins gets some cool cred in my eyes.

    1. Suzanne Collins Was A Writer For "Clarissa Explains It All"

    The author of "Hunger Games" got her start in children's television writing. She's also written episodes of "The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo."

    2. Peeta Was A Total Dork / Via http://Peeta%20Was%20A%20Total%20Dork

    3. District 12 Is For Sale


    District 12 was shot in an abandoned mill town in North Carolina, and the entire town is open to sightseers. ROAD TRIP!! Also, it's for sale.

    4. "Hunger Games" Is Most Heavily Google-Searched By People Who Live In Manila

    More so than any city in America. Pointless fact, yes.

    5. Kristen Stewart Gave Josh Hutcherson A Pet Turtle When He Was 13

    Josh Hutcherson aka Peeta. Also see above where he looks like a total dork.

    6. Gary Ross Also Wrote The Movie "Big"

    This is the guy who directed and co-wrote the movie.

    7. Jennifer Lawrence Appeared In A Promo For MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen"

    View this video on YouTube

    Everything she does is cool. Even this commercial is sort of cool. Note Altered Images in the background.