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    51 Reasons Why Supermodels Were Better In The '90s

    Back then, models weren't just pretty clothes hangers — they warranted cult-status obsession.

    1. Their choreographed dance moves.

    2. Their ability to pull off "grunge" in $10k outfits.

    3. Their ability to pull off "punk."

    4. Their ability to pull off the androgynous look.

    5. Their ability to pull off almost anything.

    6. Naomi Campbell shopping with Ali G.

    7. RuPaul hanging out with Nirvana.

    8. Cindy Crawford hanging out with Nelson.

    9. Naomi Campbell hanging out with every relevant celeb of the '90s.

    I think it's safe to say she was the life of the party.

    10. Their beautiful friendships with one another.

    11. Their derpiness.

    12. Their fierce walks.

    13. This head tattoo.

    Supermodel Eve Salvail.

    14. This hot Pepsi commercial.

    15. Their happy, healthy smiles.

    16. Cindy Crawford making this man incredibly happy.

    17. Their large breasts.

    18. Their small breasts.

    '90s supermodels came in all shapes and sizes.

    19. Cindy Crawford posing with Patrick Stewart on the cover of "TV Guide."

    A significant '90s "worlds collide" moment.

    20. Tyra Banks' kitten shirt.

    21. Tyra Banks' airbrushed "Tyra" shirt.

    22. Tyra Banks' cute hat and cute mom.

    23. Anna Nicole Smith's Guess? Ads

    24. Their interminably high foreheads.

    25. Cindy Crawford about to make love to a horse.

    26. Christy Turlington's telepathic powers.

    27. Linda Evangelista's athletic skills.

    28. Kate Moss' song with Primal Scream.

    29. The Fashion Café.

    No one actually ate there, but it really showed their entrepreneurial side.

    30. Their line of commemorative dolls.

    31. This George Michael video.

    View this video on YouTube

    32. The fact that they weren't teenagers.

    Photo taken from January 1990 issue of Vogue.

    33. All the Versace ads.

    34. Naomi Campbell's love of dogs.

    35. Naomi Campbell's giant cellphone.

    36. Naomi Campbell running as fast as a cheetah.

    37. Naomi Campbell's dancing in this Michael Jackson video.

    You can watch "In The Closet" here.

    38. Naomi Campbell's resilience.

    39. Naomi Campbell's inability to give a fuck.

    40. Their participation in hot-button issues.

    41. Milla Jovovich's minor hit song on alternative radio.

    View this video on YouTube

    Song's not that bad. I witnessed a sad mosh pit of 3 people slam-dancing to this song at a music festival in 1994.

    42. Their matching outfits.

    43. Cindy Crawford as a TV host.

    She was totally likable and funny on MTV's House of Style.

    44. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell eating ramen together.

    This happened IRL.

    45. The original Victoria's Secret Angels.

    A franchise was invented, people!

    46. Kate Moss' pink hair.

    She did it first.

    47. Their bedazzled bras.

    48. Their adventurous eating habits.

    Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell eating crawfish together.

    49. Their party lifestyle.

    50. Shalom Harlow's guitar playing.

    She's holding it upside down.

    51. Linda Evangelista's ever-changing hairstyles.