49 Awesome DIY Holiday Cards

    If there's one thing you're going to hand-make this holiday season, avoid the generic store-bought Christmas cards and opt for one of these creative ideas. Most people display their Christmas cards, and yours will be sure to stand out.

    1. Instagram Photo Cards

    2. Craft Paper Cards and Envelopes

    3. Pop-Up Christmas Tree Cards

    4. Washi Tape Christmas Trees

    5. The Hole-Punch Wreath Card

    6. The 3-D Poinsettia Card

    7. The Metallic Snowflake Stamp Card

    8. The Machine-Sewn Card

    9. Fingerpaint Christmas Cards by the Kids

    10. The Cut-Out Tree Card

    11. Glitter and Bark Holiday Card

    12. The Tiny Doily Card

    13. The Hand-Sequined Christmas Card

    14. Felt and Fabric Christmas Cards

    15. A Gingerbread House–Decorating Party Invitation

    16. The Holly Card

    17. The Paper Loop Card

    18. A Simple Wreath Holiday Card

    19. Colorful Button Cards

    20. The Glittery Reindeer Card

    21. Super-Simple Stitched Cards

    22. The Pixel Pop-Up Card

    23. The Ribbon Christmas Tree Card

    24. The Adorable Drying Mittens Card

    25. The Stamped Handkerchief Christmas Card

    26. The Embroidered Christmas Card

    27. The Clever Reindeer Pop-Up Card

    28. The 3-D Geometric Christmas Card

    29. Photo-Lined Envelopes

    30. A Simple Geometric Stamped Card

    31. The Embroidery Floss Tree Card


    32. Doily Money-Holder Card

    33. A Christmas Card Idea for the Kids

    34. The Fabric Pen Christmas Card

    35. Photobooth Strip in a Box

    36. The Ruffled Christmas Card

    37. Rickrack Christmas Cards

    38. The Simple Moose Christmas Card

    39. Envelopes Made from Wrapping Paper or Magazine Pages

    40. The Hand-Drawn Card

    41. Thumb-Print String of Lights Card

    42. Gold-Edged Envelopes

    43. DIY Christmas Stamps

    44. The Super-Sparkly Christmas Card

    45. Easy Felt Holiday Cards

    46. The Reindeer Card

    47. The Paint-Chip Christmas Card

    48. The Colorful Nail Polish Card

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    49. The Goofy/Artsy/Heartwarming Family Photo Card