47 Intensely Delightful Pieces Of Animal Jewelry

Whatever your favorite animal is, it’s probably represented in this list. Although, sadly, the market for baby aardvark jewelry isn’t exactly booming.

1. Laser-Cut Corgi Necklace

£15.00 from Folksy.

3. French Bulldog Ring

$62 from Etsy.

4. Triceratops Ring

By Emma Franklin, £435.00.

7. Obsidian Tomb Necklace

$280 from Etsy.

8. Kangaroo Brooch

Still on sale at Etsy for $10.

9. Baby Hippo Ring

$79 from Etsy.

10. Octopus Ring

$89 from Etsy.

11. Squid Necklace

$29 from Etsy.

12. Elephant Earrings

$10 from FredFlare.

13. Pink Kitties Cameo Earrings

$12 from Etsy.

15. Silver-Plated Hedgehog Ring

$19 from Etsy.

16. Kissing Bunnies Ring

$250 from Etsy.

17. Hugging Sloth Necklace

$32 from Etsy.

18. Another Adorable Sloth Necklace

$42 from Etsy.

19. Sterling Silver and Diamond Manta Ray Pendant

$148 from Etsy.

20. Double Monkey Ring

£7.50 from Topshop.

21. Giraffe Necklace

$18 from Etsy.

23. Googly-Eyed French Bulldog Ring

£30.00 from Lazy Oaf.

24. Handsome Pug Ring

$14 from Etsy.

27. Penguin Necklace

$60 from Ojxdi.

30. Silver-Plated Armadillo Necklace

$9 from Etsy.

32. Elephant Friendship Necklace

$69.95 from Novica.

34. Monkey Ring Set

£10.00 from Topshop.

37. Cat Stud Earrings

$9 from Etsy.

38. Huge Raven Head Ring

$255 from Etsy.

39. Sterling Silver Bat Bracelet

$96 from Etsy.

40. Seahorse Earrings

$118 from Etsy.

43. Squirrel Earrings

$27 from ASOS.

47. Cat Poison Ring

$220 from Etsy.

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