44 Cozy Nooks You’ll Want To Crawl Into Immediately

It’s just too cold outside. Time to curl up into a ball and hibernate forever.

3. The Just for Kids Nook

They’re so lucky they can fit into tiny spaces.


Made from an upcycled crib mattress.

10. The Attic Nook

Transform an unusual space with vaulted ceilings into a cozy haven.

14. The Nook Under the Staircase


It’s a repurposed trampoline!

22. The Futuristic Pod Nook

23. The Converted Closet Nook

Every kid needs a secret hiding place.

29. The Just for Reading Nook

31. The Carved Out Nook

41. The Curtained Nook

So you can block out the rest of the world.


This nook costs $168. Get the details here.

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