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    42 Adorable Animal Accessories For Your Home

    You're going to want ALL of these.

    Kitten decals available from Urban Outfitters.

    1. Bunny Dish Rack

    2. Unicorn Glitter Dispenser (or Salt Shaker)

    Need this. Available for $65 from Etsy.

    3. Pug Ceramic Egg Cup

    Maybe the most essential thing you need in your kitchen. Available for £8.50 from Maiden Shop UK.

    4. Octopus Shower Caddy

    5. Gold Pig Book Ends

    Available as a set of two for $29.95 from CB2.

    6. Pug Book Ends

    7. Rabbit Lamps

    8. Giraffe Toilet Brush

    9. Safari Animal Butt Magnets

    10. Bunny Wall Hook

    11. Felted Bookshelf Index

    Get 2 indexes (front and back of an animal of your choice) for $27 from Greener Grass Design.

    12. Animal Wine Stoppers

    13. Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

    14. Vintage Cat Rugs

    How amazing is this toilet seat cover with matching bathroom rug? This one's sold out on Etsy, but you should always keep a look out for awesome "cat rugs" like this one.

    15. Panda Skillet

    16. Hedgehog Clock

    17. Giraffe Wall-Mount Papier-Mache Head


    19. Sloth Flour Sack Bar Towels

    Get a set of 2 for $13 from Etsy.

    20. Cat Lamp

    21. Horse Topiary

    Available for $240 from Etsy.

    22. Giraffe Coat Hooks

    23. "Enchanted Forest" Wallpaper

    24. Kitty Cat Light Switch Plate

    25. Unicorn Coat Hooks

    26. Animal Hangers

    27. Resin Deer Head Faux Taxidermy

    28. Wooden Cat Tape Dispenser

    29. Battery-Powered Bunny Light

    30. Corgi Fabric

    I'll be upholstering my entire apartment in this. Comes in a variety of fabrics, from poplin to twill to silk, and costs $18/yard from Spoonflower.

    31. Glasses Holder

    32. Animal Coat Rack

    33. Elephant Watering Can

    34. Vintage Paint-by-Number Paintings

    This one sold out on Etsy, but Etsy and eBay are always filled with tons of paintings like this one.

    35. Pony String Lights

    36. Bear Rug

    37. Rabbit Door Knocker

    38. Giraffe Shower Curtain

    39. Animal Wall Stickers

    40. Songbird Mobile

    Put a bird on it. Available for $54.90 from Etsy.

    41. The Pug Rug Doormat

    42. Corgi Wall Clock