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41 Heart-Shaped DIYs To Actually Get You Excited For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is, if anything, a good excuse to make cute crafts while eating as many heart-shaped cookies as possible.

1. Conversation Heart Cookies

2. Heart Mobile

3. The Heart Braid

4. 20-Minute Heart-Shaped Jello Squares

5. Heart-Shaped Eggs in Toast for Breakfast

6. Marbled Cookie Hearts

7. Post-It Heart Piñata

8. Heart-Shaped Pepperoni

9. Knitted Catnip Toy

10. Heart-Shaped Glazed Donuts

11. Heart-Shaped Grape Tomato Hearts

12. Knotted Heart Necklace

13. Heart-Shaped Carrots in Soup

14. Sequined Heart Sweater

15. String Art Heart

16. Pancake Doilies

17. Heart Book Covers

18. Heart-Shaped Bacon Strips

19. Heart Friendship Bracelet

20. Frozen Strawberry Milk Ice Cubes

21. Origami Heart Bookmarks

22. Powdered Sugar Heart Cutout Cookies

23. Pixelated Valentine's Day Pop-Up Card

24. Layered Heart Nails

25. Strawberry Heart Pop Tarts (with Nutella!)

26. Wire Heart Bracelet

27. Heart Candy Ring

28. Watercolor Valentines

29. Conversation Heart Cheesecakes

30. Leather Strap Canvas Tote

31. Knee Heart Tights

32. Sequined Heart Sweater Elbow Patch

33. Cream Mint Heart Candies

34. Embroidered Heart Napkins

35. Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

36. Red Velvet Heart Baked Into a Cake

37. Mini Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes

38. Glittery Heart Candles

39. Heart-Shaped Sprinkles

40. Punch-Out Heart Garland

41. Cozy Heart Blanket