40 DIY Home Decor Ideas That Aren’t Just For Christmas

The holidays are so ephemeral. These stylish decorating ideas are festive, yet they also work beyond the month of December.

1. Candle Pillars Made from Cinnamon Sticks

They’ll make your house smell amazing. You could glue the sticks around a can for extra sturdiness.

2. Starry Lights on Dried Branches

The tiny starry lights are from Restoration Hardware.

3. Pine Cones on Wire

Shape into hearts, letters, or whatever you’d like.

4. A Frosty Spray-Painted Wreath

Simply spray-paint a wreath of dried branches. For an added touch, hang a felt pillow or a pinecone in the center.

5. Cozy Sweater Sleeves Reused to Cover Vases

6. Glass Vases Filled With Salt

7. Sparkly Spray Paint on Dried Branches

For the holidays, you can still hang ornaments on them.

8. Paper Snowflakes

More information here.

Hang on a branch to make a winter mobile.

9. Faceted Paper Vase

This vase was made using paper printed from a free template.

10. Earthy Starburst Twig Wreath

11. Rainbow Pom-Pom Garlands

These can totally be repurposed after the holidays.

12. Paper Stars Threaded with Twine

These could easily be reused for a New Year’s party.

13. Star Ornaments

These can be hung from a canopy bed year-round.

14. Modern Paper Porcupine Ornament

15. Rosemary Trees

You can shape them to resemble small Christmas trees.

17. Pine Cone Necklaces for Kitchenware

18. Perforated Christmas Tree Cones

These are modern and sleek enough to be kept out year-round. Get the full directions here.

19. A Rustic Candle Display

20. White Triangle Ornaments for Your House Plants

21. Geometric Paper Ornaments

22. Tree Branch Hung from the Ceiling

For the holidays, hang Christmas ornaments. But you could also wrap string lights around it for a makeshift chandelier.

Or hang pretty colorful decorations for a birthday party.

23. Neon-Dipped Pinecones

Use them at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s!

24. A Simple Painted Clothes Hanger for Hanging Seasonal Decorations

25. Triangle-Motif Doormat

Get the DIY here.

26. Spray-Painted Metallic Leaves

Spray-paint leaves and attach wires to the stems. Add them to a Christmas tree or to a house plant.

27. Fluffy Pom-Pom Ornaments

These could also pass as faux cotton when hung from dried branches. Directions are here.

28. Pyramid Ornaments

These could double as New Year’s or birthday party decorations.

29. Glitter Votives

These votives work for pretty much any party situation.

30. Faux Mercury Glass Cases

These are created from a mirror-like spray paint.

31. Paperwhite Bulbs

Depending on how you decorate them, you could keep them around all year.

They also make awesome gifts.

32. A Bay Leaf Wreath

This wreath could work for fall or summer too.

33. Pom-Pom Garland

Get the tutorial here. The cool thing about making this is that you can reuse the pom-poms for a cute pillow after the holidays.

34. Black and White Geometric Ornaments

Find the instructions and printable here.

35. Twigs in a Jar

Sprinkle some balsam-scented essential oil over the wood.

36. Himmeli Ornaments

Himmelis are a traditional Finnish Chistmas decoration, but they actually kind of look like cool prisms or diamonds. Get the directions here, but there are also many cool himmeli options for purchase on Etsy.

37. 15-Minute Ribbon Star

Change out the ribbon depending on the holiday.

38. Ombre Dinner Napkins

Choose a nice shade of green and you can use these for any occasion.

39. Wine Glasses as Votive Holders

These could be used for any holiday, depending on what you want to put in the glasses.

40. A Bowl of Clove Oranges

Use them when making mulled wine.

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