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39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls

Who says art has to mean anything, or require any creativity whatsoever? Here are some cheap, simple ideas to decorate an otherwise boring wall.

1. Hang up a scarf.

Granted, you should pick a scarf that looks like a piece of art, like this one, and make sure to iron it before you hang it up. But you could also frame it.

2. Use masking tape to create a geoemetric, abstract painting.

Paint a crazy colorful random design on a canvas, use tape to make a herringbone pattern, paint over the whole thing in white. When you remove the tape, you'll get something like this. (The image shown is an actual art print that you can buy.)

3. Frame a fabric or wallpaper sample.

4. Wrap cute fabric around a rectangular piece of styrofoam or wood and staple in the back.

Here's a similar idea but with damask wallpaper.

5. Turn an old window into a picture frame.

6. Cut circles out of poster board, spray paint, and glue onto a canvas.

7. Create a magnetic Scrabble board and have an ongoing game with someone you live with.

8. Follow this tutorial on how to blow up your Instagram pics.

Here's the link.

9. Attach fabric to your wall with liquid starch.

Peels off easily if you live in a rental. You'll want to use a heavier fabric, like upholstery. Get the full directions here.

10. Hand paint watercolor pixel art.

Amanda Wright of the blog Wit and Whistle turned a photograph she took in Iceland into a watercolor pixel painting.

11. Use a canvas on a hinge to cover an alarm panel or fuse box.

Get more directions here.

12. Spraypaint papier-mâché letters to create zinc alphabet letters.

Get the directions here.

13. Create string art with embroidery floss or yarn.

Seriously, how cool is this?

14. Make a wipe-off board with patterned paper inside of a frame.

15. Sequin your wall.

Only for the daring. Get the instructions here.

16. Make a display with shoe boxes.

Spray paint the inside of a shoebox to display lightweight items.

Boxes lined with pretty paper looks lovely, as well.

17. Stencil letters onto a thrift store painting.

18. Use foil tape to create a wallpaper-like design on a wall.

19. Create constellation art with string lights and a canvas.

Poke holes into the canvas in a random constellation pattern and then stick the bulbs of the string lights through the holes. Get the full directions here.

20. Paint coffee stirrers and arrange into an art piece.

This kind of qualifies as legitimate art. Get the tutorial here.

21. Create a Garland

Here are 10 garland ideas from A Beautiful Mess.

22. Display of adorable tiny mirrors is adorable.

23. This DIY flower installation is made from...

24. Make your own Moroccan stenciled "wallpaper."

Get the full directions here.

25. Glue wooden letters onto a canvas and spray paint.

Get the incredibly simple directions here.

26. Organize art supplies into a rainbow display.

27. Make a sunburst mirror out of paint sticks.

Get the full directions here.

28. Run crayons through a hot glue gun to create a colorful, textured masterpiece.

Use up all those broken crayons you might have lying around. Warning: this is a bit of a malodorous project.

29. Use household items to hang pictures.

Like pants hangers.

Or clipboards.

Or these curtain hangers from IKEA.

30. Make a vertical hanging succulent garden.

Succulents survive with very little light and water. Get the directions here on how to make this.

31. Create a pegboard using colored pencils and string.

Get the full tutorial here.

32. Put those scraps of yarn to good use.

33. Turn leftover wine corks into wall art.

Now you have an excuse to drink even MORE wine. Get the tutorial here.

34. This faux-cast-iron is actually made from recycled toilet paper rolls.

Get more info on how to create this here.

35. Hand stamp a geometric print.

The use of potato stamps gives this design a cool color variation that makes it interestingly imperfect.

36. Make a wall clock with Instagram photos or Polaroids.

Get the directions here. If you don't have a printer, the PostalPix app will print photos from your phone inexpensively.

37. Use jewel cases as photo frames.

38. Move around a lot while taking photos.

It'll create blurry effects that are great for blowing up and printing out on paper.

39. Make a really simple abstract painting.

Get the complete directions for this painting here.

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