37 Ways To Treat Yourself With Tiffany Blue

    So many companies are trying to replicate the famous "Tiffany blue." Here's what else you can find.

    1. Macbooks

    It's actually a rubberized case you can get here.

    2. Refrigerator

    You can buy it here.

    3. Hunter Rainboots

    4. Converse Sneakers

    You can get them here.

    5. Lamborghini Aventador

    6. A VW Van

    7. Uggs

    8. Vans Sneakers

    9. Pantone Suitcase

    10. A Bentley

    11. Painted Epoxy Floors

    12. Eames Chairs

    13. Chanel Nail Polish in Nouvelle Vague

    14. The Mini Cooper S Cabriolet

    15. This Chair with Matching Ottoman

    16. Burberry Spark Sunglasses

    17. Macarons

    18. Blanc de Bleu Champagne

    19. Antique Bottles

    20. The Row's Kuffley Jacket

    21. A Cozy North Face Jacket

    22. A Pair of Accent Shoes

    23. Porsche's 2011 Speedster

    24. A Passport Cover

    25. This Breezer Bike

    26. A Wireless Mouse

    27. Kitchen-Aid Appliances

    28. Oxfords

    29. This Watch

    30. Coach's Kristin Round Satchel

    31. Flasks

    32. Leather Driving Gloves

    33. Sequined Shorts

    34. A Flower Girl Dress in Tiffany Blue

    35. Nike Sneakers

    36. The Nike Marathon Necklace

    When you run the Nike Women's Marathon, a firefighter in a tux gives you a Tiffany & Co. necklace at the finish line. So add that to your bucket list.

    37. And Finally...With a Sliver of Tiffany Blue on Your Wedding Band