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Updated on Sep 12, 2012. Posted on Aug 16, 2012

35 Untapped Fashion Trends From Forgotten Decades

The '90s are back! The 1890s that is. With all the retro-fetishizing that's been going on, it won't be long until we're pushing our nostalgia into the Victorian era. These cool and inspiring pieces are poised to make a comeback, once everyone's completely moved on from platform boots and bedazzled jorts.

1. 1920s - Egyptian Print Gloves

2. 1917 - The Parasol

3. 1910 - The Tucked-In Ribbon

It's a simple detail anyone could DIY.

4. 1910 - Peter Pan Collar (for Guys!)

These shirts should come affectionately dirty, just like those scruffy L.E.S. hipsters.

5. 1905 - The Swimdress

Yes, this is meant to function as a bathing suit. You could totally take this from the beach to a casual afternoon BBQ.

6. 1901 - The Overalls Maxi Dress

7. Early 1900s - Romantic Elaine Benes Hair

Big in the front, long in the back.

8. 1901 - Chrysanthemum Headbands

9. 1900 - Snake Motif Stockings

10. 1900 (From Russia) - The Ribbon Trail Hat

Girls with high foreheads would look awesome in this updated, more structured version of the beret.

11. 1900 - The Mutton Sleeve

12. 1890s - Fringed Romper

Here's a typical outfit worn by an erotic dancer from the 1890s. Guess they had cameltoe even back then!

13. 1890s Version of an American Apparel Outfit

Striped high-waisted bloomer shorts and athletic knee socks? If only Terry Richardson could travel back in time to photograph this girl and do her some real justice.

14. 1890s - Giant Floppy Neck Bow

Flickr: 25306332@N05

File this under "I'd Wear That."

15. 1890s - S&M Outfits for Children

Taylor Momsen's children will all be wearing these.

16. 1890s - The Male Onesie

Is this the most adorable beach fashion ever or what??

17. 1880s - Buckle Bow Booties

18. 1860s - The Hooded Wrap

19. 1860s - Plaid Maxi Dress

They really knew how to do grunge in the 1860s.

20. 1870s - Taffeta Harem Pants

This could also be something that Kim Kardashian wears when she dresses up as Jasmine for Halloween.

21. 1860s - The Caged Skirt

Underwear as outerwear.

22. 1850s - Arm Bow Bracelets

The Victorian version of arm candy.

23. 1850s - Painstakingly Cut-Out Designs

This is actually a boy's dress from 1855.

24. 1840s - The Choker

She's like, the 1840s version of Janeane Garofalo circa Reality Bites.

25. 1840s - The Bonnet

Music festival attendees will be wearing these next year, just you wait and see!

26. 1830s - The "Lover's Eye" Brooch

Ooh, mysterious. These were watercolor paintings set in brooches.

Here's another one. These are so cool.

27. 1830s - Hidden Message Rings

All wedding bands should come with hidden messages.

28. 1820s - The Crotchless Jumpsuit

This is actually an undergarment meant to be worn under a dress. But I like to imagine that women walked around the house in these, like the Victorian version of Juicy sweatpants.

29. 1820s - The Victorian Crop Top

30. 1820s Russia - Cutesy Embroidered Bodices

Was there an 1820s version of Etsy no one knew about??

31. 1820s - The Updated Turban

The turban is going to just get crazier and crazier. First we had the simple scarf turbans, then we had the exotic Jambi turbans and next... I predict the Exploding Shower Cap Turban.

32. 1810 - Butterfly Necklaces

33. 1810 - Sheer Fingerless Gloves

"Ho hum... just another boring day in my house dress and slutty gloves..."

34. 1810 - Sheer Embroidered Babydoll Dresses

I think Katy Perry might have actually worn this to Coachella.

35. 1810 - The Pocket Watch

Wristwatches are going to seem so passé. You could wear this as a pendant too.

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