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35 Untapped Fashion Trends From Forgotten Decades

The '90s are back! The 1890s that is. With all the retro-fetishizing that's been going on, it won't be long until we're pushing our nostalgia into the Victorian era. These cool and inspiring pieces are poised to make a comeback, once everyone's completely moved on from platform boots and bedazzled jorts.

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13. 1890s Version of an American Apparel Outfit

Striped high-waisted bloomer shorts and athletic knee socks? If only Terry Richardson could travel back in time to photograph this girl and do her some real justice.


28. 1820s - The Crotchless Jumpsuit

This is actually an undergarment meant to be worn under a dress. But I like to imagine that women walked around the house in these, like the Victorian version of Juicy sweatpants.

31. 1820s - The Updated Turban

The turban is going to just get crazier and crazier. First we had the simple scarf turbans, then we had the exotic Jambi turbans and next... I predict the Exploding Shower Cap Turban.

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