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    33 Clever And Adorable DIY Advent Calendars

    Out of all possible Christmas decorations, Advent calendars definitely packs the most cuteness potential. Especially if you are a lover of tiny things.

    1. The Paper Bag Advent Calendar

    Paper bags, stencils and some pretty tape is all that you need.

    Here's one that uses string and clothespins.

    2. The Recycled Cardboard Box Calendar

    3. The Jewelry Gift Box Calendar

    4. The Envelope Calendar

    5. The Advent Calendar of Clues

    Each sheet of paper holds a clue as to where the present is hidden in the house.

    6. The Tiny Village Advent Calendar

    This calendar is actually a free printable from MrPrintables.

    7. The Simple Triangle Advent Calendar

    8. The Geometric Box Calendar

    Get the instructions and printable here.

    9. Advent in a Jar

    Get the directions and download the template here.

    10. The Magnetic Tin Advent Calendar

    You can put tiny gifts in the tins, and reuse them as spice jars after the holidays.

    11. An Advent Calendar Bunting

    12. A Cute Critter Advent Display

    13. The Clothes Hanger Advent Calendar

    14. The Framed Advent Calendar

    15. Advent Calendar, Stuffed in a Suitcase

    16. Repurposed Crate and Ornament Advent Calendar

    Get the directions here.

    17. Hanging Advent Calendar with Bunting

    18. The Potted Plant Advent Calendar

    This one is from Pottery Barn, but you could easily make one yourself.

    19. Easy Fabric Advent Calendar

    The fabric is cut with pinking shears so that the project requires less sewing.

    20. The Stacked-Can Calendar

    21. The Watercolor Advent Calendar

    22. The Toilet Paper–Roll House Calendar

    Get the directions here.

    23. Calendar Using Jars Dipped in Paint

    Invent your own color scheme!

    24. The Tiny Tree Calendar

    25. Animal Motif Calendar

    These animals were photocopied out of this book.

    26. The Chalkboard Advent Calendar

    27. The Tiny Matchbox Calendar

    Get the directions here.

    28. The Wine Bottle Advent Calendar

    These bottles were actually originally used as table numbers at a wedding.

    29. The Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

    30. The Fancy Clothespin Advent Calendar

    Use washi tape and stamps for a super-easy DIY project.

    31. The Library Pocket Calendar

    Get the directions here.