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    Updated on Aug 23, 2020. Posted on Sep 10, 2012

    29 Random Things That Happened At Fashion Week, According To Instagram

    A search through the #NYFW tag on Instagram reveals the real behind-the-scenes happenings of New York Fashion Week. If you're sick of seeing pretty people wearing semi-insane outfits, you might enjoy some Fashion Week coverage that deviates from the norm.

    1. A drunk guy wore an Engrish shirt.

    2. A chihuahua "got ready" for Fashion Week.

    3. Someone invented a new hair genre: literal hathead.

    4. Men, they wore jorts.

    5. There were midgets.

    6. Someone went on a hot date to Dallas BBQ (aka best restaurant in the world) during Fashion Week.

    If you haven't tried a Firecracker from Dallas BBQ, you haven't lived.

    7. Old men wore awesome outfits.

    8. A corgi puppy attended.

    9. Bros partied with pink champagne.

    10. People made goofy faces.

    11. The artistic boundaries of juggalo makeup were finally pushed.

    12. Male models got naked.

    Also: butt enhancing underwear was worn.

    13. A man stood in the smallest VIP section ever.

    14. People took photos with Mr. Jay.

    Was he the only celebrity at this thing or what??

    15. The swaggest person on the planet was photographed outside of Lincoln Center.

    16. Kid n' Play!!!

    17. People ate fattening foods.

    Or, they just photographed them and walked away.

    18. People wore mumus.

    19. A smug granny DJed.

    20. A giant glowing dildo preceded Carolina Herrera down the runway.

    21. A boy band was formed at Fashion's Night Out.

    22. A rival boy band was formed during lunch outside at Lincoln Center.

    23. Someone wore "ironic overalls" to Fashion Week.

    24. Meaningless "art" was on display everywhere.

    25. An extra from a '90s Prodigy video showed up to the Opening Ceremony party.

    26. "Grunge" finally trickled down to disgruntled 8-year-olds.

    27. A male model emerged fresh from his mother's womb.

    New trend: the "wet" look.

    28. Someone forgot to put on undies.

    29. People sat on Anna Wintour.

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